Elgin No. 5

Known as "Center School" and also the "Detloff School"

School Daze Memories from former students and teachers!


Log book of Mary Neubrand, country school teacher: Elgin No. 5, 1923-1924

Names of pupils I had in schools.

1st year, 1923-24
Elgin Twp. No. 5
Director Wm. Detloff
Boarding place Harry Reintz
Drove car from Sept 1 to Dec. 21st, also from April 1st until school was out.
$65 per month.

Robert Detloff
Warren Detloff
Glen Detloff
Carl Detloff
Charles Detloff
Dorothy Detloff
John Arthur Cook

Mary was born December 25, 1903 and married Alex Stoffel on August 18, 1931.

Log book in possession of Rick Roder, Remsen (grandson).

Memories from teacher, Alice Wiegers Lee
Elgin No. 5, 1948-1951

It was known as the Detloff school. Edwin Detloff was the director. We had a terrific snow storm that year and most schools were closed. But Edwin and his twin brother came to town to get me because I couldn't get there. Somehow they had a car we took from LeMars to Alfred's and then I stood on the back of the tractor to ride to Edwin's house (I think that's how it was). I stayed there for a couple nights and rode a horse to the schoolhouse a mile away. Don't you know that horse really had a time getting through the drifts. Then when I got there I had to make a fire etc. Those two characters were really something else, never serious. When Dad and I got married the whole school came to give us a chivalry. Good people!!! 



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