Elgin No. 4 -- PHOTOS


Elgin No. 4 School

The names of the students are:  Standing in back: George Laughton, Lois Utesch, Elaine Halweg, Ed Utesch, Earl Albert.  In the front row are :  Vern Halweg, Donald Plueger, Mary Laughton, Marlis Hoppe, Virgil Halweg, Helen Laughton, Marvin Otter, Joyce Laughton.

~Above photo contributed by Janice Albert

Elgin No. 4 "The Albert School"

~Written on the back of the above photo:

"New bride--old teacher in front of her school house"


~Written on the back of the above photo:

The Albert School
Teacher got married at Christmastime. I taught second semester.
signed, Elsie.
Teacher & her new husband came to say goodbye after the ceremony.
The photo was given by Joyce Mohan Larsen in memory of Elsie Zimmerman Mohan.  This is the class at the Albert School in 1947. Albert School was school #4 in Elgin Township.  The bride, Iola Beheim, got married Feb. 13, 1947, and came to say goodbye to her students after the ceremony. The new teacher was Elsie Zimmerman Mohan.
Back Row:
Lois Utesch (class of '51)
Elaine Halweg
Sylvester Hamson (brother of the groom)
Alfred Hanson - the groom
Iola Beheim - the bride
Elsie Zimmerman Mohan (class of '29)
Ed Utesch
George Laughton
Earl Albert
Front Row:
Mary Laughton
Virgil Halweg
Marvin Otter
Joyce Laughton
Rita Jean Frederes (flower girl)
Helen Laughton
Marlis Hoppe
Vernon Halweg
Donald Plueger






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