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Struble School

Newspaper Articles in chronological date order

LeMars Sentinel, January 10, 1898

STRUBLE: (Special Correspondence)

Following is the statement of Miss Bauma, of money collected and expended
for the Christmas exercises: Amount collected, $20.70. Paid out for candy,
$5.65; nuts, $4.40; presents of pupils, $4.70; trees, $1.25; decorations for
trees, $2.15; material for candy sacks, $.80; color fire for tableaux, $.60;
muslin and tacks, $.60; oil, $.15. Total $20.30. Balance on hand, $.40.

LeMars Sentinel
Dated 31 December 1909

STRUBLE: (Special Correspondence)
Our school kids have two weeks vacation. The teachers, Miss Anna Kieffer and May Atkinson are spending their vacations at their homes in Remsen.

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, January 6, 1911

STRUBLE: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Julia Conolly, the new principal of schools, arrived Saturday evening
and began her work Monday. She came here from Chariton, Iowa. The board is
very fortunate to secure her services as she comes highly recommended.

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, October 18, 1918

STRUBLE: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Leona Coffey, of LeMars, is acting as teacher in the advanced room in
the Struble school during the absence of Miss Sammis, who is sick at her
home in LeMars.

LeMars Globe-Post, September 12, 1927

STRUBLE: (By Special Correspondent)

Struble Public School opened Monday with Mark Lovelle and Miss Alice
Mandelkow as teachers.

LeMars Globe-Post, Monday, April 30, 1934

STRUBLE: (By Special Correspondent)

Struble schools enjoyed a vacation the past week due to an epidemic of

LeMars Globe-Post, Thursday, Oct. 29, 1936


Miss Elizabeth Schlesser took Miss Martha Kuebler, normal training class, to
visit schools in this vicinity, Thursday.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
December 23, 1952

STRUBLE:  A fine program was presented by the pupils of the Struble school Friday night with a large crowd present.  Lunch was served and a nice sum realized.  Mrs. Ione Reese and Miss Dorothy Steffe are the teachers.

LeMars Globe-Post, April 1, 1963

Grant No. 9 To Close; Others Still Open

Letters are being sent out this week from Superintendent E. D. Archambault’s office to parents of pupils enrolled in rural attendance centers. The letters explain changes in effect for the next school year.

“The Struble school will operate only as a 1-teacher school next year. There would be only 9 pupils enrolled in the upper division at Struble and that number does not justify a second teacher at Struble,” Mr. Archambault said. “Pupils in the Struble attendance area who will be in grades 3 and 4 next year will attend school in LeMars and be picked up by regular bus routes. Mrs. Vlotho will continue teaching the lower grades at Struble next year.”

LeMars Daily Sentinel
August 2, 1985

The first all school reunion for former Struble school students was held July 4 with a noon luck dinner at the schoolhouse in Struble.

Former teachers, students, spouses and family members attended for an afternoon of sharing pictures and memories.

The Struble school was closed in May 1964, with all students transferred to LeMars community schools.

Five former teachers at the Struble school were present for the reunion.  They are: Alice Mandelkow Anderson, Elk Point, South Dakota; Helen D. Nicholson, of Struble; Bobbie Moritz Mentzer, Eden Prairie, Minn.; Emma Kloster, LeMars; Nora Vlotho, Harley.

Former students [pictured]  who attended the Struble school before 1949 are: Mabel Mueller, LeMars; Evelyn Nicholson, LeMars; Don Nicholson, Struble; Jennie VanVoorst Dobbert, Seney; Helen Moran Beernink, LeMars; Madeline Whitaker Trpkosh, Mt. Vernon; Edith McDougall, LeMars; Rose Long Bolser, LeMars; Francis Long, LeMars; Helen Mandelkow Vogel, Lake Isabella, Calif.; Alice Mandelkow Anderson, Elk Point, S.D.; Dolores Mueller Coad, LeMars; Lawrence Wilde, LeMars; Ruth Brunken Jurgenson, LeMars; Don J. Nipp, Riverside, Calif.; Robert E. Nipp, Falls Church, Va.; Shirley Mandelkow Jelken, LeMars; Regina Ottmanns, LeMars.

Others attending but not pictured: Steve Ohm; Gary Ohm; Nancy Ohm Wiltgen; Cathy Ohm Stetson; Fern Detloff; Clara Klave; Maxine Ohm; and Doris Hauser. 

Former [pictured but not shown here] students from 1949 until the school closed in 1964 are: Sue Hauser Buss, LeMars; Beverly VanBuskirk, LeMars; Carolyn Boyson Hoke, Mt. Vernon; Barry Jurgensen; Jim Lehrman, Struble; Jim Mentzer and Lynn Buss, both of LeMars.





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