Elgin No. 2

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LeMars Sentinel, May 30, 1919

Elgin: Miss Lena Boever closed a successful year of school district No. 2 last

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Friday, June 10, 1921

ELGIN: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Alice Levins closed her school in District No. 2 last Friday with a
picnic. She will spend her vacation with her parents in South Dakota.

LeMars Globe-Post, October 10, 1927

ELGIN: (By Special Correspondent)

Miss Elvira Schemmer was called home to Rock Valley Wednesday on account of
the illness of her mother. Miss Florence Keegan is acting as substitute
teacher in her absence.

LeMars Sentinel, January 10, 1930


The school in district No. 2, Elgin township, has the honor of being the
first rural school to have a hundred per cent Dental Honor roll for the
school year. The school is taught by Miss Doris Deegan and has an enrollment
of fourteen pupils, who are:

Jeanette Gysbertsen, Henry Bos, Donald Wilde, Robert Deegan, Gertrude Bos,
Elizabeth Schlesser, Edna Margaret Groetken, Winnie Bos, Patricia Deegan,
Evelyn Pech, Mary Alice Groetken, Roseen Schlesser, Peter Bos, Henry William





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