Elgin No. 1 -- PHOTOS


Elgin No. 1 "The Buss School" 1914

Only a few of the students are identified. Cecilia Deegan is holding the school sign. The young girl student left of Cecilia is her sister, Florence Deegan, 10 yrs old. Florence later taught in the one-room school house, Elgin No. 1.

~Photo and information submitted by a granddaughter of Florence Deegan, Carolyn Campbell.

Elgin No. 1 Pupils

~ located north of Seney, Iowa; at the NE corner of Section 11 (NE corner of Albert Hawkins property)

Front row: Mildred Berkenpas is 2nd girl from the right

Back row: Della Berkenpas is the 2nd girl from the right

Teacher wrote on the back of the photo, "With love to Mildred and Della Berkenpas from Mrs. McArthur."

Teacher, Miss Dorothy Darville, was contracted to teach July 1, 1916 through the spring of 1919. On June 18, 1919, Miss Darville was married to Mr. Roy McArthur, of Seney.

~This photo was submitted by a younger sister of Mildred & Della, Mrs. Frances Berkenpas Leonard.

Elgin No. 1, 1946-1947

Front row:  L-R  Pat Nicholson, David Hawkins, Max Hinde, Marvin Cooper, Jim Nicholson,
Second row:  Mavis Cooper, Lois Peck, Dorothy Heyl, Arlene Hoffman, Marilyn Hoffman.
Back Row:  Stanley Buss, Donald Hoffman, Beverly Heyl, Joanne Hinde and Donna Nicholson.

~Per Marv Cooper, one of the above students, their teacher was Blanche Hawkins, who became later Mrs. Robert C. Dennler.



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