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LeMars Sentinel, March 16, 1899

Eva Alfred completed the winter term of school in sub-district No. 1 on
Friday last.  She has taught the full school year in that district and
has given good satisfaction.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
Tuesday, December 17, 1935

Floyd Valley School House Dedicated With Suitable Honor Friday, Dec. 13
Named In Early Days For Neville Redmon

About one hundred guests, including parents, neighbors, the school board
members and families, attended the dedication of the new modern school
building located in America township District No. 1 Friday evening, December
13, formerly known as the Redmon school, the old building having been burned
last winter. The program consisted of a welcome by Ernest Weber, school
director, response by Miss Mallette, the teacher. A short program by pupils
of the school was followed by talks.

Reminiscences of the old Redmon school by Mrs. A. E. Tucker; the modern
school, Mrs. Harley Hall; school teaching forty years ago, Mrs. Marba
Mallette; school teaching today, Mrs. Ralph Gable. A vote was taken for the
purpose of naming the school, the judges decided in favor of “Floyd Valley
School.” Various entertainment, refreshments and community singing ended a
pleasant evening.

The construction of the school was directed by a board consisting of Frank
Braun, president; J. W. Nemmers, secretary; H. F. Clasen, treasurer; Henry
Meyers, Henry Remer, Frank Dreckman, Ray Bowers, Leo Langel, committeemen;
and director of the school, Earnest Weber.

The contract for the building was let to Gilbert Visser, of Sioux Center.

The main features are a large assembly room, all finished in natural wood
with fine oak floors. Large windows insure good lighting, slate blackboards,
a built in library, large cloak rooms and indoor toilets. A full basement
with furnace furnishes an ideal recreation room.

The people of the community are proud of this fine modern school building
and hope more districts will erect similar buildings in the future.

LeMars Sentinel
Thursday, November 11, 1941

Regrets Change of Name

To the Editor of the Sentinel:
I was much disappointed to find on my arrival in LeMars that the new school in District 1, America township, was known as the “Floyd Valley” instead of being known as originally, “The Redmon School.”

As my father, the late Neville Redmon, was for many years Secretary of the school board and Director of this school, it would have seemed to me it would have been a nice gesture to have retained the original name—in the face of the fact that the Redmon family received their earlier education in District No. 1 to have let it always be known as the “Redmon School.”

I hope you see fit to publish this—but if it finds its way to the waste paper basket, I will have entered my protest. 
Respectfully yours,
Mrs. Etta Redmon Corkins, Syracuse, New York





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