Front row: Myrne Detloff, Leone Gabel, Eva Gabel, Mabel Patrick, Evelyn Baldwin, Dorothy O’Banion, Alice Mallette, Mildred Tindall

Second row: Jeannette Gysbertsen, Betty Bchlke, Marian Arends, Opal Fischer, Lula Bradley, Vera Hartter, Agnes Pletschette, Miss Martin (Sponsor)

Third row: Gervais Mathey, Lois Lancaster, Ruth Wiltgen, Marie Weidauer, Ruth Streyfeller, Jewell Godwin, Clara Wood, Dorothy Henrich, Elmer VanDeBrake

The Normal Training Club elected the following officers at its first meeting:
President, Opal Fischer
Vice-President, Marie Weidauer
Secretary, Eva Gabel
Treasurer, Lois Lancaster
Reporter, Marian Arends

This organization of twenty-five members has held its meetings once a month during the past year.  The meetings have proved to be profitable both from the educational and social standpoints.  Some very interesting speakers have appeared on these programs.

The motto of the Normal Training Club is “Not for school, but for life.”

The colors are rose and silver.  The club feels that much of the credit for its success the past year should be given to its competent leader, Miss Eleanore Martin. 

Source: The Bark, Class of 1933, Page Forty-two

Miss Evelyn Baldwin and her pupils in practice school in Le Mars in 1933
First Row:  Robert Walsh, Henry Sexton, Dean Simpson, Helen Downing, Dickie Grey, Donald Johnson
Second Row:  Wendell Begg, Richard Alberts, Walter Bunjes, Jimmy Carey

Third Row: Elizabeth Eyres, Gwendolyn Reynolds, Catherine Trautt, Marion Matern

~Photo submitted by Janice Albert







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