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~Photo by Tribune Staff Photographer

Mrs. Frank Montgomery, 911 Dubuque street, was hostess Wednesday at a luncheon for her mother, Mrs. J. H. Woolworth, where two sets of four generations, with Mrs. Woolworth as great grandmother, attended.  Mrs. Woolworth, 4430 Springfield avenue, celebrated her 87th birthday Wednesday.

In the front row, left to right, are Evelyn Montgomery, Mrs. C. B. Aalseth, Juanita Aalseth, Mrs. Woolworth, Mrs. H. D. Carr and Virginia Carr; back row, left to right, shows Mrs. Charles Savage, Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. B. D. Henshaw, Mrs. Katherina Luce and Mrs. Arthur Maloney.

With Mrs. Woolworth as great grandmother, one set of four generations includes:
Mrs. Savage, daughter
Mrs. Aalseth, granddaughter
Juanita Aalseth, great granddaughter,
and the other:
Mrs. Montgomery, daughter
Mrs. Carr, granddaughter
And Virginia Carr, great granddaughter.

Mrs. Woolworth is the head of three other four generation groups, not appearing complete in this picture, making five groups in all.  The first includes Mrs. Woolworth; Robert Woolworth of James, Ia., son; Mrs. Henshaw (who appears in this picture) granddaughter; and Robert Henshaw, great grandson. 

The second includes Mrs. Woolworth; Mrs. Luce, daughter (who appears in this picture); Mrs. Maloney, granddaughter (who appears in this picture); and Donald Maloney, great grandson.

And the third includes Mrs. Woolworth; Mrs. J. F. Wilson, of San Diego, Cal., daughter; Mrs. G. Brown, of San Diego, granddaughter; and Jack Brown, of San Diego, great grandson.


Fifty eight persons attended a family picnic dinner Sunday at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Woolworth, near Leeds, Ia., the original home of the late J. H. Woolworth and his wife.

Mrs. J. H. Woolworth, the widow, represented the oldest of the Woolworth family present.  She now resides at 4430 Springfield avenue, in Leeds.

Among her sons and daughters who attended are:  Mrs. Frank Montgomery, wife of the street commissioner; Robert Woolworth, farmer living east of James, Ia.; Mrs. Katherine Luce, 4416 Springfield avenue; Mrs. Charles Savage, 4429 Springfield avenue; and Frank Woolworth, of Los Angeles, Cal.  Mrs. Cecelia Woolworth, of Hinton, Ia., widow of the oldest son in the family, was present with her family.

The sons and daughters and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woolworth who attended numbered 34.  And there were at least 19 in the family who were unable to be present.  Those from South Dakota were kept away by the rains.  Another daughter, Mrs. J. F. Wilson, of San Diego, could not attend.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, October 1931

~Information provided by family members, Colleen Foote & Jean Huggenberger


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