Woodley Family Reunion Sunday

Thirty-eight members of the Woodley family held a reunion at the Lowell Philips country last Sunday, Aug. 10.  The occasion was also the birthday of Mrs. Lowell Tullis and Mrs. Milo Woodley.

Those present from Sioux City were: Fanny Woodley; Mr. and Mrs. Milo Woodley and Michael; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Woodley, Linda and Richard; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Leet, Annette and Gail;

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clark, Karen and Tommy; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lanagan and Kathleen; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Levengood and Sheryl; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Eberhard and grandchildren, Suzanne and Larry Hitzman.

From Akron were Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Woodley and Patsy and Coleen Kelly.  From Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Willis Tullis, Cpl. Lowell Tullis and Verda and VerJean and also son, Beryl, of Remsen.

A bounteous picnic dinner was enjoyed followed by outdoor games and relay races.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, 15 Aug 1952


The Woodley family had their annual reunion and picnic Sunday, September 2, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Phillips, Merrill, Iowa.  The day was spent visiting and with various outdoor activities.

Those present besides Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Phillips and son, Derold, were:  Mrs. Dave Woodley, of Sioux City; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eberhard, of Hinton; Mr. and Mrs. Don Sitzman, Larry, Suzanne, and Arnold, of Kingsley;

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Tullis and Ver Jean, of Merrill; Mrs. and Mrs. Merlin Woodley, of Akron; Mr. and Mrs. Milo Woodley, Nickel and Pat.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Woodley, Linda and Ricki, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Leet, Annette and Gail, Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn Woodley, Judy and David, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lanagan and Kathy, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Livengood, Sheryl and Lynette, all of Sioux City.

Source:  LeMars Globe-Post, September 17, 1956