The members of the J.D. Tindall family had a reunion Sunday at the Tindall home in Washington township. The seven sons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Tindall were all home for the day. A delicious dinner was served at noon to the twenty members of the family, including five grandchildren. During the afternoon, open house was held and over 60 friends and relatives called to visit with the members of the family, especially those from out of town.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Clark Tindall and sons, Rolland J. and Corbin, Akron; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall, Santa Monica, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Warford Johnson and children, Karen and Johnnie, of Detroit, Mich.; Major and Mrs. Robert Tindall of Rockford, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hunter and son, David; and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tindall of LeMars; and Miss Mary Tindall, of Oak Park, Ill.

~Source: LeMars Sentinel, September 18, 1945


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall, Santa Monica, Calif., visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Tindall Wednesday and Thursday.

There was a family gathering of the Tindalls and Browns at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tindall Wednesday.  There were about 40 people besides the families assembled there in the evening after the families had their supper.  Mr. and Mrs. Chester Philips and Rev. and Mrs. Frank Patterson, of LeMars, were guests who were not from this vicinity.

Source:  LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 24, 1952



A reunion of the J. D. Tindall family was held May 22 to 24, 1959.

Besides Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tindall, there were Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark Tindall and Corbin, and Mr. and Mrs. Rollin J. Tindall, Clarke and Jill of Akron.

Also Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall of Woodland Hills, Calif.; Mrs. W. B. Johnson, Karen and Johnny of Springfield, Mo.; Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Tindall of St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. L. B. White, Scott, Jimmy, and Merri Lynn of Santa Clara, Calif.

Also Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hunter, David, Ronald and Susan and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tindall, Barbara, Beverly, and Nancy of LeMars.

The family dinner was held Saturday noon at the farm home two miles west of LeMars, where the Stanley Tindall family now resides.

Open house was held at the Tindall home in LeMars Saturday night with 75 relatives, neighbors and friends met to recall many happy occasions.

The entire family attended church services in the First Baptist church here Sunday morning.

Thirty-five members of the family ate Sunday dinner together at the Normandy in Sioux City, returning to the parental home in LeMars for an evening of visiting and viewing pictures of the past, both distant and immediate.
Mrs. W. B. Johnson, Karen and Johnny, and Dr. and Mrs. R. N. Tindall left for their homes in Missouri Monday morning.

The remaining members of the family continued to get-together at intervals, including a wiener roast at the Stanley Tindall home Tuesday and a dinner Wednesday night at the J. D. Tindall home in LeMars.
Many pictures were taken during these days of reunion and many friends and relatives called for short visits with the family.

All members of the immediate family were present for the reunion except Dr. W.B. Johnson, husband of Florence Tindall, of Springfield, Mo.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall and Mr. and Mrs. L. B. White and family returned to their California homes Thursday.

Friends and relatives who called during the reunion were: Rev. and Mrs. Alverne Kinrade and David, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. O’Banion, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ewin and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Frerichs, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rolfson and Mrs. Clara Frolkey, all of LeMars.

Mrs. Florence Perry of Pasadena, Calif.; R. W. Maddison and mother, Mrs. Phyllis Maddison and Miss Gertrude Maddison and mother, Mrs. Maude Maddison, and aunt, Mrs. Brater, all of Anthon.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Bertsel Brown, Mrs. Grant Brown, Leonard Brown and mother, Mrs. Wesley Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Bryant and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Feuerhelm and family all of the Adaville vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Johnson and Vern Swift of Akron.
[Also Phyllis Allen and children and Mr. and Mrs. James Hoyt.]

Source: LeMars Sentinel dated May 1959


Special – Members of the J. D. Tindall family held a reunion here Saturday and Sunday, July 17, 18th, 1965.

On Saturday the family gathered at the old home farm, two miles west of LeMars, for a picnic dinner and supper.

On Sunday they attended the morning service at the First Baptist church.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tindall were hosts at a family dinner at the Biltmore in Sioux City, with 38 persons attending.

The group called on Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Widman, Jr. of Salix and Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Tindall of Akron, who were recently married.

Many of the family members visited Pleasant Valley cemetery at Adaville and scenes of their childhood.

In the evening they had supper at the Tindall home and enjoyed an evening of visiting, making tape recordings and listening to recordings of other years.

Present for the family gathering were Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Johnson, of Springfield, Mo., Dr. Robert N. Tindall of St. Louis, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall, of Woodland Hills, Calif.

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsley B. White, Scott, Jim and Merri Lynn of Santa Clara, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Clark Tindall, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tindall, Beverly and Nancy, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hunter, David, Ronald, and Susan and Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tindall, all of LeMars.

From Akron were Mr. and Mrs. Rollin J. Tindall, Clark, Jill and Craig and Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Tindall and Mr. and Mrs. William E. Widman, of Salix.

Others attending the various activities were Mrs. Alice Bryant, Mrs. Adam Tindall and Herb A. Johnson, of Akron, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Bertsel Brown and Mr. and Mrs. William Feuerhelm, Alan and Carolyn, all of Merrill.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Ewin, Linda, David, and Diana of Sioux City, Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Humpleby, Jimmy and Karla and Larry Mueller of Danube, Minn.

Greetings were read from Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Tindall, of Bakersfield, Calif., Karen Johnson of Tacoma, Wash., and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Newton, of Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Only two grandchildren were unable to attend the gathering.  They were Karen Johnson, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W.B. Johnson of Springfield, Mo., who is working this summer at Tacoma and Warford B. Johnson II, who is attending summer school at Boulder, Colo.

Members of the family were guests of honor at dinners, coffees, picnics and brunches given by their many friends and relatives here.

Source: LeMars Sentinel dated July 1965



“It was quite a week for us at the Tindall home,” Mrs. J. D. Tindall said.

Present for a reunion were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tindall, 80 and 79 years of age, Bakersfield, Calif., and Mrs. Catherine Oleson, 84, Lemmon, S.D., sister of Robert and Jack Tindall.  There were house guests at the Jack Tindall home.

Robert Tindall, who was born here, has lived many years in California and is a retired YMCA secretary.  Mrs. Oleson, who was widowed three years ago, has lived at Lemmon for several years.

The Robert Tindalls were brought to their old home by their nephew and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall, Woodland Hills, CA.

Mrs. Oleson has a son in San Leandro, Calif., and a daughter, Mrs. Robert Vinall, Dayton, Ohio.  Mr. Vinall is in charge of a veteran’s hospital in Dayton.

The “older generation” Tindalls entertained at the old Tindall farm place Sunday, Oct. 12, with their hosts being the Stanley Tindalls.

Monday, Oct. 13, they were guests at the Claire Allen home, rural Akron, with hosts being the family of their late brother, Adam Tindall.  Mrs. Adam Tindall, who resides at Akron at the Akron nursing home, was also present.

Source: LeMars Sentinel dated 20 Oct 1969


Special – A family reunion was held in the J. D. Tindall home recently which included seven of the immediate family members and their spouses, several great-grandchildren and grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall, of Hemet, Calif., were first to arrive making the trip in their travel trailer.
The family reunion was held over the Labor Day weekend [1971.]

Others who came were Dr. and Mrs. Robert Tindall of St. Louis, Dr. and Mrs. Warford B. (Florence) Johnson of Springfield, Mo.; Rev. and Mrs. Ronald (Karen) Vahl of St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. L. B. (Mary) White and Merri Lynn and Coleen Connolly of Santa Clara, Calif.; Cecil Yoder and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald (Barbara) Christiansen and Amy of Omaha.

The family get-together was held at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tindall, Saturday, Sept. 4, with 43 attending. 

Twenty-eight members attended the morning services at the First Baptist church in LeMars.

After the services the entire group had dinner at the Holland House in Sioux Center.

An open house was held at the Tindall home in the afternoon to honor Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Johnson, Springfield, Mo., on their 35th wedding anniversary.

Monday evening a hamburger fry was held at the Clark Tindall home.

Those attending the reunion besides their 89-year-old father, J. D. Tindall and his wife were Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark Tindall and Mr. and Mrs. Rollin J. Tindall, Clark, Jill and Craig of Akron.

Mr. and Mrs. William (Barbara) Widman, Mark, Cami and Matthew of Salix, Mr. and Mrs. David (Lennance) Hunter and Scott of Peterson.

From LeMars were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph (Mildred) Hunter and Susan, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hunter and Danielle and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tindall. [From Omaha attending were Beverly and Nancy Tindall.]

Source: LeMars Sentinel dated September 1971



From near and overseas, 125 Tindall family members held a reunion in Plymouth County, June 19-20. Some came earlier and others lingered afterwards.

The gathering included several generations to allow the young members to meet for the first time with cousin, while the senior members exchanged experiences from earlier days as the offspring of a pioneering family in Northwest Iowa.

The various informal get-togethers were climaxed by a dinner Saturday at the Adaville United Methodist church.  The following day saw members worshipping with friends and neighbors at various churches attended years ago.  In the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Adam (Buster and Helen) Tindall had open house at the original farmstead in Johnson township.  Unfortunately, April 14, the long-standing house (not the original pioneer dwelling) of memory to many had been destroyed by fire.

This is the place that Mr. and Mrs. (Agnes) James Tindall came immediately after their wedding in England, leaving behind the ancestral Tindall family home of “Broomhouse” in Northumberland county not far from Scotland.  Six children were born at this home, but all are now deceased.  The pioneer Tindalls built a home and farm from virgin prairies and the land has always been farmed by resident members of the family.

Among other gatherings, the members of the J.D. Tindall family had their reunion on their home place two miles west of LeMars.  The host and hostess were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil (Nancy) Yoder, who now farm the home place.  Nancy is the [youngest] daughter of Mr. and  Stanley Tindall who farmed until their retirement in LeMars.

Among the highlights of the reunion is a cookbook compiled and edited by Nancy Yoder from recipes submitted by members and friends for the occasion.  Mrs. Clark (Cleo) Tindall provided the lead “recipe” which so aptly reaffirms family traditions of “sharing about the table” figuratively with these lines:

Life’s Recipe

1 cup of good thoughts
1 cup of kind deeds
1 cup of consideration for others
2 cups well beaten faults
2 cups sacrifice for others
3 cups forgiveness

Mix these thoroughly and add tears of joy, of sorrow, and sympathy for others.  Fold in 4 cups of prayer and faith to lighten the other ingredients and raise the texture to great heights of Christian living.  After pouring all this into your daily life, bake well with heat of human kindness.  Serve with a smile!

Mrs. J.D. (Ferne) Tindall was family recorder to secure all names of those in attendance.  To her the family owes, among many other aids to the most successful reunion, the list of attending members and their homes (by states outside of Iowa) with the most distant first, the alphabetical listing of states before the residences in Iowa and, finally, those locally who, under the capable dedicated organization of Mrs. Claire (Phyllis Tindall) Allen, were hosts and hostesses.

From Sopley (near Bournemouth) in South England, Mrs. Paul (Beverly Tindall) Lindsay, Scott, Heidi and Jamie.

From Arizona, Mrs. Grace Blankenburg.

From California, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall; Mr. and Mrs. L. B. White; Mr. and Mrs. Scott White, Brandon and Darin; James C. White; Merri Lynn White.

From Florida, Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Tindall, and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Robertson.

From Kansas:  Drue Robertson.

From Michigan, Mr. and Mrs. George Robertson, Jimmy and Todd.

From Minnesota, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Roghair, Dawn and Daniel.

From Nebraska, Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Vahl, Christopher and Corey; and Laurie Tindall.

From North Dakota, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Fjestad, Brian, Danny and Becky.

From Texas, Mrs. Winston (Agnes) Yeager and Mr. Jean Yeager and Jake.

From Missouri, Mrs. W.B. (Florence Tindall) Johnson; Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Johnson II, W.B. III (Tracey), and Ian; and Mrs. Johnnie Small and Martin.

From Ames, Bob Tindall; Mike Tindall, Council Bluffs; Mr. and Mrs. Brian Foster, Todd and Kristin, DesMoines; Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kayser, Marie and Jarrod, Remsen; Mr. and Mrs. William Widman, Mark, Cami, Matt, and Cindi, Salix.

From Akron, Mr. and Mrs. Claire Allen; Mark Kay Allen; Mr. and Mrs. David Allen, Jenell, Todd and Curt; Mr. and Mrs. Kent Allen and Justin; Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Tindall; Jill Tindall; Craig S. Tindall; Mr. and Mrs. Adam Tindall, Jr; Tim Tindall; Dan Tindall.

From Merrill, Mr. and Mrs. William Feuerhelm; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brown, Amy and Joel.

From LeMars, Mrs. J. D. (Ferne) Tindall; Mrs. J. Clark (Cleo) Tindall; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tindall; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Yoder, Jeremy, Christie and Cherie and Kala; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hunter; David Hunter, Scott and Wendy; Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hunter, Tommy, Stacy, and Amy; Mr. and Mrs. Mel Schultz, Jennifer and Rebecca; Mr. and Mrs. Gary Susemihl, Brett, Joseph, and Matthew; Mr. and Mrs. Alan Feuerhelm, Scott, Bradley and Kari Jean, and Clark G. Tindall.

Source:  LeMars Daily Sentinel, June 22, 1982


Pioneer Tindall Families Reunited at LeMars Picnic

Members of the James and Agnes Tindall family, pioneer settlers in Plymouth County, met at a family picnic Aug. 30, at West Floyd Park in LeMars.

Honored were relatives from a distance who attended the get-together.  They were James Tindall Robertson and his wife, Mary, of Florida and Mrs. Agnes Johnson Yeager Fritze, of Texas.

Attending from Akron were Adam Jr. and Helen Tindall; Claire and Phyllis Allen; David and Karen Allen and children, Jenelle, Curt and Todd; Kent and Cherie Allen and children, Justin, Travis and Riley.

From LeMars—Ralph and Mildred Hunter; David Hunter; Ron and Clara Hunter and Amy; E. Ferne Tindall; Cecil and Nancy Yoder and Jeremy, Christie, Cherie and Kala.

From Remsen—Susan Kayser and children, Marie, Jarrod and Luke.

From Merrill—William and Grace Feuerhelm; Melvin and Sue Schultz and daughter, Jennifer; Mark and Diana Brown and children, Amy, Joel and Paul.

From Sioux City—Dr. Robert and Carolyn Tindall.

From Minnesota—Donna Roghair, daughter, Dawn and son, Don.

Source: LeMars Sentinel, September 16, 1987