Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rees held a family reunion at their home Sunday in honor of their daughter, Mrs. Thos. Bowen, of Everett, Wash.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Rees and family, of LeMars, Mr. and Mrs. Will Rees, Tom and Fred Rees, of this place.

Source: LeMars Sentinel, Friday, Sept. 6, 1907


SENEY: (Special Corresondence)

A family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Rees on New
Years Day. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Pete Keizer, son, Louis, and
daughter, Ethel, of Alton; Mr. and Mrs. Will Penning and daughter, Rose, Mr.
and Mrs. Wayne Penning of LeMars; Mrs. Lena Rees and Mr. and Mrs. Albert

Source: LeMars Sentinel, January 12, 1940


New Year’s Day a large family gathering was held at the Marshall Rees home.  Relatives present were Mr. and Mrs. Duane Mortensen, Mr. and Mrs. Will Penning, Mrs. Lena Rees, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Penning and family, Mrs. Mabel Kennedy and son Denny and Miss Gail Reeves, all of LeMars; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hauser, of Struble; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Keizer, of Alton; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Noack and family, of Sheldon; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Keizer and family, of Sioux City; John Winkel, of Sanborn; also a few friends, Miss Jeanette Chickey, of Oyens; Cletus Wiebersch, of LeMars; and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hastings and daughter, Jackie, of Sheldon.  Practically the same group were New Year’s night  guests.  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Osborne joined the group in the evening.  A few families went home.

Source: LeMars Sentinel, January 21, 1953