Last Wednesday, August 17, 1921, all the Pratt and Bainbridge families, numbering 148, met at Gordon’s Gulch and had one of the most enjoyable times ever had in this community.
At 12:30 they were all on hand for the big picnic dinner. It was served in that “serve yourself” style and after the dinner was over everyone looked as though they had enough to eat.  The dinner consisted of fried chicken, sandwiches, salads, pickles, pies, cakes, ice cream and pop.
After dinner they all gathered in a shady spot where Harry Gaspar, of LeMars, took several photographs of the group.
Directly after that the baseball game was staged, young men vs. married men.  The game was close for the first four innings and then the old men took a four-score lead.  The kids had a rally in the ninth when the score was 9 and 9, and “Tip” Pratt knocked a home run for the kids, winning the game.
The next were the races.  LaVern Pratt won the boy’s 50 yard dash and Annie Bainbridge won the little girl’s race.  In the 100 yard dash, Keith Atkinson was first in the first group and the second group placed Bill Pratt first, Ernest Pratt second and Tip Pratt third.  
All the winners received prizes and seemed well pleased with them.
Horseshoe was also a main sport.
After the sports were over and the twenty gallons of ice cream eaten, everyone thought it was time to go home.
All departed, confident of the pleasant time they had enjoyed and hoping the Pratts and Bainbridges could hold a reunion annually.
NOTE:  The Pratt-Bainbridge Picnic has been held every August since 1921.

Source: The News-Times, Kingsley, IA.