Three generations of the S. D. Philips family gathered at the Ralph Gabel home on the Fourth of July for a picnic dinner.

From a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Port, David and Scott, of Muskegan, Mich.; Melvin Brown, of Winterset; Mr. and Mrs. John Weber, John, Mark, Kim and Todd, of Early; Mr. and Mrs. Myron Heitman, Debra, Shandra, Andrea and Kyra of Williamsburg.

Those present from Merrill were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Philips, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Philips and Darrell, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Brown, Stephen, Kristi, Lansing and Lisa.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brown, Scott, Kirk, Gwen and Beth, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brown, Marsha, Randy, Karen, and Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Miller, Jeff and Douglas.

From Akron were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Philips, Mr. and Mrs. William Philips, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sargent, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kenny, Judy Kay, Kathy and Jim, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Philips, Valerie, Vance, Greta and Matthew.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Philips, Reid, Paul and Paige, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Philips, John and Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Talbot, Elaine, Emily, George and Fredrick.

From LeMars were Mr. and Mrs. Chester Philips, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gabel and Nancy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Philips, Jim, Barbara, and Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Philips, Joan and Timmy.

From Sioux City were Lynda and Bobetta Sargent.

Unable to attend were Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Mitchell, Pam, Terry and Scott of Lake Park, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sargent and Donna of Sioux City, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kovarna and Randy of Hinton.

[Source: Unknown newspaper clip from family scrapbook, date not indicated…but likely in the 1960’s.]


Philips Reunion, 119 Strong at Hillview Park, Hinton

One hundred and nineteen descendants of Samuel D. and Catherine (Weinrich) Philips met at Hillview Park, Hinton, Sunday noon, Aug. 12, 1984.  Derald Philips acted as master of ceremonies and offered a prayer of thanksgiving before the meal.

During the afternoon, Lowell Philips, oldest grandson of Samuel and Catherine, offered rides to family members in the 1931 Model A. Ford, which was the last car owned by his grandfather.  Family tree booklets and “Recipes from the Philips’ Kitchens” books, which were compiled earlier in the year, were distributed and group pictures were taken.

Attending were:  Lowell and Norma Philips, Merrill; Derald and Jane Philips, LeMars; Robert and Delores Kovarna and Randy and Sue Kovarna, Jeff and Julie, all of Merrill.

Mrs. Chester Philips, LeMars; Tom and Bonnie Kenny, Akron; Judy Togiai, John and Justin, Kenniwick, Wash.; Kathy Rea and Taylor, Columbia Falls, Mont.; Jim and Diana Kenny, Michael, Matt and Mark, Alton.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Philips, LeMars; Robert and Betty Philips and Sharon, Augusta, Wis.; Rick and Barb Echter, Brad, Eric and Ryan, Sibley.

Harlan and Lennance Mitchell, Lake Park; Pam Mitchell, Sioux City; Scott and Jan Mitchell, Lake Park; Merlin and Cleone Brown and Lansing, Merrill; Stephen and Audrey Brown, Merrill.

William Philips and Don and Margaret Talbott, Akron; George and Linda Talbott, Rachelle and Shane, Alcester; Richard and Wanda Philips, Greta and Matthew, Akron.

Vance and Hope Philips, Tampa Bay, Fla.; Valerie and Herb Meischen, Wichita; bill Hackett, Sioux City; Jason and Arley Philips, Akron; Camille Philips, Audubon.

Tim and Valorie Philips and Weston, LeMars; Sam and Nadine Philips, John, Ann and Mark, Akron; Mrs. Nelson (Esther Philips) Brown, Merrill; Donald and Lucille Brown, Merrill.

Marsha Cota, Sioux City; Karen and Randy McMann, Cedar Falls; Keith and Shelly Brown, Merrill; John and Doris Weber and Kim, Early; John N. and Jeannette Weber, John Lynn, Joshua and Nelson, Storm Lake.

Mark and Connie Weber, Molly and Cory, Early; Floyde and Jo Brown, Scott Brown, Merrill; Kirk and Lori Brown, Michelle and Leann, LeMars; Melvin and Marilyn Brown and Kara, Eldridge.

Mrs. Robert Sargent and Keith and Linda Murkins, Brad and Kristi, Sioux City; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph (Mildred Philips) Gabel, LeMars; Myron and Marilyn Heitman and Kyra, Williamsburg; Deborah and Todd Hobbs, Ames; Andrea Norton, Mt. Vernon; Doug Knowling, Williamsburg; Dean and Jane Miller, Doug and Justin, Sioux City; and Nancy Gabel, LeMars.

Source: LeMars Daily Sentinel, August 1984