A family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Morehead,
northwest of town, Sunday. The occasion was also celebrating the birthdays
of their daughter, Dorothy, and Mrs. Morehead’s brother, Joe Hummel, of
Sioux City. A picnic diner was enjoyed by all, and there followed an
afternoon of social visiting.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hummel, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hummel, Roy
Olson and Miss Luella Brown, all of Sioux City; Mr. and Mrs. George Hummel,
Elsie and Billy; Mrs. Amanda Hummel, Elsie and Billy; Mrs. Amanda Hummel and
Eva, Mrs. Robert Michael and son, Larry; Mr. and Mrs. Clark Lilly and
Berniece, Norma and Arnold; Mr. and Mrs. Basil Hoffman and Daryled and
Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Mont. Campbell and Virgil and Donald; Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Hummel and Joyce, and Fred Hummel and Warren, all of Westfield; Mrs.
J. H. Johnson and Mrs. R. A. tuttle, of Satara, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Hummel and Verda, Mary Jane, Sylvia and Thomas, of Jefferson, S.D.; Harold
Rosenbaum, of Elk Point; and Paul Nielsen, of Chatsworth.

Source: Akron Register-Tribune, June 23, 1938