The Koenig reunion held at the Western Union college girl’s dormitory,
starting Wednesday last week, ended this week, Tuesday. The Koenig family
enjoyed themselves immensely and also entertained the public.

Sunday morning, Rev. S. H. Turbeville, of Oskaloosa, Ia., delivered a
splendid sermon at the First M. E. church, where the Koenig family and other
members of the church congregated for the morning services. Rev. Turbeville
spoke to a large and appreciative audience. In the afternoon the Koenig
male quartet composed of G. G. Koenig, of Watertown, S.D.; William Koenig,
of LeMars; H. H. Koenig, of Pasadena, Cal.; and C. W. Koenig, of White,
S.D., sang several selections at the vespers service at Chautauqua. The
quartet won much praise from the listeners. This same quartet also rendered
several selections at the First M. E. church in the morning.

In the evening, the entire Koenig family went to the Stanton Evangelical
church in Stanton township, where they delivered a program and held
services, besides entertaining the congregation with music. The Koenig
family is composed of 48 members. The services at the Stanton church were
historic. Mrs. J. H. Bauernfeind, of Chicago, and Mrs. Dan Zinser of
Pasadena, Cal., at one time teachers in Stanton township, delivered
interesting talks. Twenty members of the church were at one time scholars
of these two people.

A LeMars man was talking to Mr. Koenig, of LeMars, this week and said,
“Bill, Sunday afternoon I was sleeping out on the porch, and all at once I
heard some beautiful music, coming from the Chautauqua grounds. I called my
wife and told her that the singers were not with the Chautauqua, as I
recognized one of the voices. I knew it was your voice and I told my wife I
couldn’t see why they imported singers from all over the world, when we have
singers like these right in our own city. Bill, the music was beautiful.”

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, July 10, 1924