The eight daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Milton Gabel and their families met in the American Legion hall, Akron, for a reunion on Sunday, July 23,  1978.

There were four generations present, with a total of 77 family members plus three guests.  After a potluck picnic lunch, the afternoon was spent in visiting and picture-taking.

Family members attending were:  Lillian Gabel, LeMars, and Evelyn Gabel, Santa Rosa, N. Mex.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Herman (Mabel), Mrs. Elizabeth Herman and Mr. and Mrs. Duane Herman, Merrill; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Varenhorst, Virgil and Mary, rural Merrill, also a grandchild, Dena Ernst, LeMars; Mr. and Mrs. Willard Herman, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Herman and Mrs. Gladys Mroczkowski, Kevin, Linda and Kelly, LeMars; Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Willer and Grayling, rural Akron; Mr. and Mrs. Verlyn Baker, Charmain, Karry and Teresa, Pickstown, S.D.; and Mr. and Mrs. Don Herman, Brad and Matthew, Urbandale.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Philips (Martha) and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Philips, LeMars; Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Mitchell and Scott, rural Lake Park; and Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Brown, Steve and Lisa, rural Merrill.

Mrs. (Edith) Burkett and Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Barnhill, Rob, Carolyn and Timothy, Abilene, Tex.; Paul Burkett, Franklin, Ind.; Mrs. Duane Olsen and Linda, Elk Point, S.D.; Dennis Olsen, Annapolis, Md.; and Mr. and Mrs. Ken Burkett, Jake and Aura Lee, Carroll.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed. H. Willer (Alice), Akron.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stoel (Mildred), Akron; Mr. and Mrs. Kerwyn Heeren, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Heeren and Mr. and Mrs. David Heeren, rural Akron; and Mrs. Robert DeVinney, Karyn, Marcia, Mike and Jon, Rochester, Minn.

Mrs. (Leone) Knowles, Council Bluffs; Mrs. Don Unstad, Jeremy and Kris, Omaha and Mike Knowles, Denver, Colo.

Source:  LeMars Sentinel dated July 1978


Top Photo: Gabel Sisters Together

Eight Gabel sisters were reunited May 25 [1981] at the 60th Wedding Anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Herman, of Merrill, at the Merrill Civic Center. Included are (from left front) Mabel Herman of Merrill; Evelyn Gabel, of Santa Rose, N.M.; Edith Burkett, of Abilene, Tex.; Leone Knowles, of Council Bluffs; and (back) Martha Philips, of LeMars; Alice Willer, of Akron; Mildred Stoel, of Akron; and Lillian Gabel, of LeMars.

Bottom Photo: Many Years Observed

Four of the eight Gabel sisters and their husbands have each observed 50 years of marrige or more. Together at the 60th wedding anniversary observance of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Herman (left) of Merrill were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Philips, of LeMars, 57 years; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Willer, of Akron, 53 years; and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stoel, of Akron, 50 years. The Herman's 60 years of marriage was celebrated Memorial Day at the Merrill civic center.


117 Present as Eight Gabel Daughters Hold 4 Generation Reunion

The eight daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Milton Gabel and their families gathered at the American Legion Hall in LeMars for a reunion July 12, 1987.The Gabel family were Plymouth county pioneers.

There were 4 generations present with a total of 117 people. After dinner, the afternoon was spent visiting and taking family pictures.

Family members attending in order of the daughters are:
Mabel Herman family, LeMars, Eva and Harry Varrenhorst and Virgil, Merrill; Joan and Dennis Ernst, Dena and Kim, LeMars: Mary and Dale Lenz, Christa and John, LeMars; Chuck and Deb Herman and Michael and Katie, Remsen; Tim and Donna Herman and Terrance and Danielle, Merrill, ( sons of the late Mr. and Mrs. Milton Herman).

Gerald and Kathryn Herman, Nodaway, Ia.; Jeff Herman and Jodie Ripperger, Creston, Ia.; Gary and Cindi Herman and Shannon and Shane, LeMars.

Marjorie and Virgil Willer and Lonny, Akron; Grayling and Jan Willer, Akron; Deloris Bohlken, Le Mars; Dean and LeAnn Bohlken and Karla and Keith, Le Mars; Dan and Barb Bohlken, Shiela and Jeff, LeMars.
Duane and Nancy Herman, LeMars; Barbara Dorman, Omaha; DeAnne and Don Jennings, and Stacy and D.J., LeMars; Shirley and Verlyn Baker, Picktown, S.D.; Paul Baker, Indianapolis, Ind.; Zandra and David Thompson, Isaac, Caleb, and Jeramiah, Zambia, Africa.

Charmain and Rich Hazuka and Tonya, Mark, and Philip, Lake Andes, S.D.; Teresa and Ron Ewalt and Miranda, Yankton; Karry Baker and Gina and Brandon O'Connor, Lake Andes, S.D., Gladys Mroczkowski and Kevin, LeMars; Linda and Pat Lynch and Erin, Sioux Falls ; Kelly Mroczkowski and Kris Scheitler, Des Moines: Milford Herman, Fontana, Calif.; Donald and Gloria Herman and Bradley and Matt, Des Moines.

Martha Philips family; Le Mars: Lennace and Harlan Mitchell, Lake Park; Scott and Jan Mitchell and Molly, Lake Park; Pam Mitchell, Sioux City; Cleone and Merlin Brown, Merrill; Steve and Audrey Brown, Cherokee.
Lillian Gabel, Le Mars.

Alice and Ed Willer, Akron. Mildred Stoel family, Akron: Joanne and Kervyn Heeren; Akron; Greg and Lori Heeren and Tricia and Angela, Akron; Crystal Heeren, Akron; Evonne DeVinny, Rochester, Minn.; Michael DeVinny and Patty McCoy, Rochester, Minn.

Leone Knowles family, Council Bluffs: Deb and John Robine, Jeremy, Kris, John and LeAnn, Council Bluffs; Mike Knowles, Denver, Colo.

Evelyn Gabel, Santa Rosa, N.M.

Edith Burkett from Abilene, Texas, was unable to attend, but sent a letter, which was read by Mildred Stoel.
The committee for next year is Mabel Herman, Deb Robine, and Joan Ernst, and the date for next year is July 10, 1988.
Source: LeMars Daily Sentinel (LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa) of 07/12/1987.
Submitted by: Bruce Atkinson