For the first time in nearly 25 years, all members of the immediate family of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eyres were present last week Wednesday at the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Eyres.

In addition most of the children’s families were in attendance at the home south of LeMars in Union township.

Others present were Mr. Eyres’ two sisters, Mrs. William  Begg and Miss Ethel Eyres, both of LeMars, who with Mr. Eyres are the only remaining members of the original Eyres family; also, of the original  Smith family, were Mrs. Henry Mielke and Robert W., both of Alhambra, Calif., and Allan M. of Wall, S.D.

Numerous other relatives and friends visited during the afternoon and evening.

Charles E. Eyres was born in Ontario, Canada, July 16, 1875, and came to LeMars with his parents, four sisters, and six brothers, March 8, 1882.

They went at once to the farm where the family resided until early in 1901, when by auction sale the personal property was disposed of.

The farm was bought by his brother, Thomas, whose sons, Calvin and Roderick, still live there.

His mother, two sisters, (Sara and Ethel) and eldest brother, Will, moved to LeMars; the remainder of his brothers and sisters were settled on various farms in Union and Marion townships.

About Feb. 1, 1901, Mr. Eyres moved his few belongings to a farm on section 20, Union township, on which were but two recently constructed buildings, a barn (still standing) and a small house (later remodeled and enlarged), a cistern and small yard adjoining the barn.  The ground on which these buildings still stand produced a crop of small grain in 1900.

Grace Smith, born in Columbia county, Wisconsin, Sept. 29, 1877, came to Plymouth county in the fall of 1879 with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Smith and two brothers.  They rented a farm in Stanton township for two years before purchasing the place in section 19 of Union township. There she lived and there she was united in marriage to Charles Eyres on March 7, 1901.  They went immediately to their new home where they still reside.

To Mr. and Mrs. Eyres were born seven children, all living and established in homes of their own.  Lester lives in Montery Park, California; Robert G. is on a farm in Elkhorn township; Mary (Mrs. E. W. Kehrberg) lives on a farm in Stanton township; Roger lives on the home farm; Walter is on another farm in Union township; Lawrence is a minister in La Grange, Ill.; and Evart is on the farm with Walter.

Mr. and Mrs. Eyres boast 22 grandchildren, all living but one, and one great grandchild.

Source:  LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 13, 1951