Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall, Santa Monica, Calif., visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Tindall Wednesday and Thursday.

There was a family gathering of the Tindalls and Browns at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tindall Wednesday.  There were about 40 people besides the families assembled there in the evening after the families had their supper.  Mr. and Mrs. Chester Philips and Rev. and Mrs. Frank Patterson, of LeMars, were guests who were not from this vicinity.

Source:  LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 24, 1952



Over 60 descendants of the late Charles Brown gathered Sunday, Oct. 7, to celebrate the proclamation of the Brown Century Farm.

Following a morning worship service at the Adaville United Methodist Church, rural Merrill, family members gathered in the church parlors.  Mrs. Leonard (Virginia) Brown, Merrill, hosted the gathering, which included a buffet dinner.

Mrs. Brown owns 62.9 acres of land in Liberty Township that was purchased by Charles Brown in 1884.  Wesley, Lillian Brown, Leonard and Dewey Brown owned the land in the interim, Keith and Shelly Brown, who own 11 acres where buildings are located, were co-hosts to the gathering.

Virginia Brown gave a brief history of the Charles Brown family.  Charles was the son of Jacob and Mary Ann (Stinton) Brown, who were English immigrants.

Jacob Brown donated the land for the first church at Adaville and is thought to have been the first minister there.

Charles was the eldest son in a family of 16 children. Jacob and Mary Ann Brown later moved to California.  Charles was the only child to remain in this area.

Charles married Edith Bristow in 1884.  She was also an English immigrant.  Her father, Henry Bristow, was a sailor who made several voyages to the South Seas and served as a first mate.

Charles Brown’s children were Amy Tindall, Alice Bryant, Mary, Grant, Wesley, Nelson, Elmer, and Bertsel.  Elmer, of rural Merrill, is the only living member of that generation.  Mary was a principal teacher who never married and died at an early age.

The rest of the family lived and farmed in the Akron, Merrill and LeMars areas.  All seven children were represented by family members at the Sunday gathering.

Following dinner, Kent Brown was emcee for an afternoon program, substituting for Keith Brown, who was ill. 

Shelly Brown and Greg Brown led a group sing-a-long.  Eldon Bryant discussed the sea voyages of Henry Bristow.  Elmer Brown reminisced with his grandson, Mark, about his family’s history.  Mrs. Bertsel (Ethel) Brown told about the years she and her husband farmed.

Musical selections were presented by Bob and Wendi Brown and Marcene Brown Heeren, Merlin, Greg, Mark and Kent Brown sang two songs and were accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Kenneth (Eva) Brown.

Dr. Robert Tindall, Sioux City, read letters from family members who were unable to attend.  Brown family memorabilia was on display.

A poem was written and red by an Akron poet who uses the pseudonym Lacy.


They came from England.
Then moved to this sparsely settled land,
Knowing full well that west of Pleasant Valley
Still roamed the Indian bands.

From the land they made their living,
Witnessing the splendor
Each changing season brings
And kept in touch with God above,
The Creator of all things.

They dug the wells and built straw sheds
Using lumber when they could
Their lamps burned only oil,
They built homes and a church from wood.

Then they left for California,
Moved out by the sea.
In a few years they returned,
Bought more land and planted trees.

So gaze into the vastness
Where the hills crowd the sky,
Look east and west at wondrous crops
So congenial to the eye.

Each dawn unveils a tranquil scene
Unique to morning light,
The setting sun blends shadows
Which may commutate this sight.

This Fertile Land
Is yours in all it’s splendor,
Lush fields, wildlife and flowers.
Some day you will pass it on,
The next generation will say it’s ours.

Many Browns’ have married nationalities
Other than Englishmen,
Many names through marriage are
Related to their kin.

Yes, our lives are filled with richness,
Filled beyond the brim
So let us remember those who came before us
And thank God
This captivating miracle of life
Is our gift from Him.

By Lacy

Attending the Brown Century Farm celebration were:

From Merrill:  Kent and Jane Brown, Stephen and Audrey Brown, Scott Brown, Mark and Diana Brown with Matt, Amy and Joel, Merlin and Cleone Brown, Floyde and Jo Brown, Donald and Lucille Brown, Elmer and Gertie Brown, Esther Brown, Virginia Brown, Lowell and Norma Philips.

From LeMars:  Kenneth and Eva Brown, Ethel Brown, Greg and Lynette Brown, E. Ferne Tindall, Ralph Hunter, Kirk and Lori Brown, Clark Tindall, Dave Hunter and Amy Hunter.

From Akron:  Eldon and Marcene Heeren, Eldon and Penny Bryant, Armand and Virginia Brown, Bob and Susan Brown with Wendi, Mike and Chad, Rollin and Mary Tindall.

From Remsen:  Jeff and Sue Kayser with Marie, Jarrod and Luke.

From Sioux City:  Dr. Robert and Carolyn Tindall, John and Marcia Cota and Kathy Hofling.

From Early:  John and Doris Weber with Kim and Gladys Weber.

Also included is a large photo with this caption: 
Secretary of Agriculture Robert Launsberry presents Century Farm certificate and sign to Virginia Brown, Keith Brown and Shelly Brown during the Iowa State Fair.

Source:  LeMars Daily Sentinel, October 1984