Mrs. Ella Stephens 97, Attends Borchers Reunion with 56 People

The Borchers family reunion was held Sept. 4, at the Ireton shelter house and park. There was a potluck dinner with 56 relatives attending.

Oldest present was Mrs. Ella Stephens of rural LeMars who was 97 years old and the youngest present was Steven Brad Borchers, 2-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Borchers, Midland, Tex.

Also celebrated was the 4th birthday of daughter, Sarah, of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borchers of Minneapolis.

Attending were Mrs. Ella Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Stevens, and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Heeren, of LeMars; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Borchers, Dr. and Mrs. Joe Torbert and family, of Akron;

Mrs. Minnie Witt, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Witt and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buryanek and family, of Hawarden;

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Eilts, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Eilts and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Eilts and Paul, all of Ireton.

Cindy Witt, Sioux City; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Borchers and Jerry, of Fort Dodge; Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Borchers and family, of Brunsville; and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Longhrans and family, of Iowa City.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Borchers and Wendy Simpson, of Sedan, Kans.; Terry Borchers and Debbie West of Wichita, Kan.; Mrs. Steven Borchers and family, of Midland, Tex.; and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borchers and family, of Minneapolis.

Source: LeMars newspaper, dated September 1977