MILNERVILLE MENTION: (Special Correspondence)

A large family gathering of the Beaulieus, old residents of this part of Plymouth county, was held at the Ed. Beaulieu farm on Wednesday when 58 of the Beaulieu clan met there for a picnic and general good time among themselves. While as yet unorganized, these descendants of pioneers of this part of the west, stand together as all old families should, as was witnessed by the number present to enjoy the grand picnic dinner and the afternoon of visiting. With the exception of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Doherty and their sons, John and William Jr., of Los Angeles, Cal., the others were from the vicinity of Merrill or from Sioux City.

A list of those present, in addition to this family mentioned, follows: Mr. and Mrs. Alex Beaulieu and daughter, Viola; Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Beaulieu and son, Cyrus; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beaulieu and sons, Sylvester, Harold, Albert, Vernon, and daughter, Eileen; Mr. and Mrs. George Beaulieu and son, Donald; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beaulieu and daughters, Gontran, Monica, Elizabeth, and Patsy; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Beaulieu and three children, Josephine, Agnes and John; Mr. and Mrs. Max Huber and sons, Robert and Leo; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mahaney, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gorman and sons, Loren and Duaine; Mr. and Mrs. J. F. DeRocher, with John Bob and Leo; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Schindel, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Von Drak, Mrs. Allen Doane, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Beaulieu and Billy, Mr. and Mrs. George Berger and daughter, Ruth.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Doherty and their family accompanied Mrs. John Beaulieu from California and have been visiting relatives here. Mrs. Doherty is a daughter of the late John Beaulieu, well known in these parts, but who had made his home in California before his death.

Mrs. John Beaulieu, of Los Angeles, who has been spending part of the summer in this part of Iowa, went to Minneapolis to visit a sister and missed out on the big family picnic.

Source: The Akron Register-Tribune, August 30, 1934