Reeves Family, Seney, IA, Photographs donated by Viv Reeves


Marriage of Arthur Reeves and Elizabeth Eason, Sept. 3, 1872


Clarence Watson "C.W" & Jessie Leone Reeves

Inscription on back of photo: Taken June 8th, 1892.  Jessie 4 ys 7 mo old.  Clarence 8 yrs 6 mo old.

Arthur & Elizabeth Reeves Family

Elizabeth (Mercer) Eason Reeves was the wife of Arthur Reeves.  This was her second marriage.  Her first husband, John Eason, was a farmer and lay preacher who, with their son, died of Black Diptheria in 1871.  She and their daughter, also named Elizabeth were left alone.  She later married Arthur Reeves and raised six more children, along with Lizzie, to adulthood.  Several little ones were also born to them who did not survive. Arthur Reeves was a son of John and Caroline Reeves.  

Photo taken December 16, 1896

Standing: William John Reeves, Charles William Cook, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Eason Hughes, who was Elizabeth Mercer Eason Reeves' daughter from her first marriage

Kneeling at left: Clarence Watson "C.W." Reeves Seated: Elizabeth Mercer Eason Reeves, Martha Jane "Mattie" Reeves Cook, On Mattie's lap: Esther Cook, Jeanette Florence "Nettie" Reeves, Arthur Reeves, Jessie Leone Reeves



Jeanette Florence "Nettie" Reeves, date unknown

~daughter of Arthur Reeves



Reeves Brothers, Sons of Arthur Reeves

Back:  Clarence Watson "C. W." Reeves

Front:  William John "Will" Reeves, Wilbert Henry "Bert" Reeves

Children of Arthur & Elizabeth Reeves, 1910

Back row--Jeanette Florence "Nettie" Reeves and Jessie Leone Reeves. Middle row--Clarence Watson "C. W." Reeves, Wilbert Henry "Bert" Reeves, William John "Will" Reeves. Front row--Martha Jane "Mattie" (Reeves) Cook and Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Eason) Hughes.  (Lizzie was Elizabeth (Mercer) Eason Reeves' daughter from her first marriage to John Eason, who died of diptheria in 1871, along with Lizzie's brother, George.)

Family of Arthur and Elizabeth (Mercer) Eason Reeves, taken December 25, 1917, at the home of Bert and Cynthia Reeves

Back row--Frank Becker, Bert Criswell, George Hughes, Clarence Watson "C. W." Reeves, Kate (Engels) Reeves, Bert Reeves holding Glenn Reeves. 2nd row--William J. "Will" Reeves, Helen Becker (later Mrs. Walter Woodhouse), Esther (Cook) Criswell, Will Cook, Rob Chambers 3rd row--Sarah (Weber) Reeves, Mattie (Reeves) Cook, Jeanette "Nettie" (Reeves) Becker, Arthur Reeves, Elizabeth (Mercer) Eason Reeves, Jessie (Reeves) Chambers, Lizzie (Eason) Hughes, Vera (Hughes) Jeffers, Ethel Cook (later Mrs. Jay Donlin), Pearl Reeves (later Mrs. Ed Kurtz), Cynthia (Heemstra) Reeves Front row--Vera Reeves (later Mrs. Glen Cummings), Myrtle Reeves (later Mrs. Lowell Parks), Carolyn Reeves (later Mrs. Allan Strong), Clarence William Reeves, Virla Cook (later Mrs. Alfred DeRaad), Floyd Becker, Donald Reeves, Ernest Reeves, Mabel Reeves (later Mrs. Ronald Parks), John Arthur "Jack" Cook, Lawrence Reeves. 

1925 - Celebrating the Birthday of Arthur Reeves

LeMars Globe-Post, March 26, 1925 (SENEY news column)

Arthur Reeves was made the recipient of a fine birthday surprise last Monday
when about 40 relatives and old friends gathered at his home for dinner and
the afternoon. He was presented with gifts from his children, grandchildren,
and great grandchildren and friends, the first of which was a magnificent
rocker. The grandchildren sang some old songs and Miss Virla Cook, a
granddaughter, gave a reading on “The Overlooked Value of Grandpa,” was as

I think it is time to be writing a rhyme, extolling the virtues of Granddad;
It’s gone far enough and sure does seem tough to think of the snubs he has
We write of Grandmother and tell how we love her; we offer our hearts at her
We praise her ornately; she takes it sedately; hereafter it’s Grandad for
Of course, I’ll admit she deserves quite a bit of love and affection, no
I always have said it, she gets all the credit, while Grandad’s most always
left out.
Who does all the plugging, while Grandmother gets the hugging? Who toils in
good weather and bad?
Whose arms bear the burden, who scarce gets a word in? You can bet your
sweet life, it’s Grandad.
How long have you waited for praise belated? We’ll make your poor starved
heart full glad;
And while we’re about it, let’s rise up and shout it, three ripping hot
cheers for Grandad!

On departure the guests wished Mr. Reeves many more happy birthdays. Mr.
and Mrs. Solomon Perry and John Reeves, of LeMars, were out of town guests.

Children of Arthur & Elizabeth Reeves, circa 1950

Back row--Clarence Watson "C. W." Reeves, Wilbert Henry "Bert" Reeves and William John "Will" Reeves.  Front row--Martha Jane "Mattie" (Reeves) Cook, Jeanette Florence "Nettie" (Reeves) Becker and Jessie Leone (Reeves) Chambers.

Wedding Photo of Frank Becker & Jeanette Florence "Nettie" Reeves married December 19, 1900, Seney, Iowa, in a double ceremony with Nettie's brother, William.

Wedding Photo of William John Reeves and Sarah Rose Weber, married December 19, 1900, Seney, a double ceremony with Frank Becker and Nettie Reeves.

LeMars Sentinel newspaper
Dated December 20, 1900


A double wedding took place at the church at Seney last evening, Rev.
Platz officiating, when representatives of well known families united
their hearts and fortunes.  The contracting couples were Miss Sarah
Webber and Mr. William Reeves and Mr. Frank Becker and Miss Nettie
Reeves.  Miss Bess Kennedy presided at the organ and played
Mendelssohn's wedding march.  The church was crowded to witness the dual

After the service the wedding party adjourned to the home of Arthur
Reeves, where congratulations were extended.  A fine supper was served
and a pleasant social time enjoyed.


50th Wedding Anniversary Photo

William and Sarah Reeves, 1950

William & Sarah Reeves and Frank & Nettie Becker Celebrated Their Golden Wedding Anniversaries Together




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