Mathew Ewin & Ella H. (Lothrop) Family

Mathew & Ella Ewin, Married January 28, 1875, LaSalle County, IL

Lived the majority of their married life in Seney, Iowa, Plymouth County

Mathew Ewin Family, 1908 LeMars, Iowa

Standing: Iona, Arthur, Albert, Effie, Charles

Seated: Nellie, Ella, Mathew, William

Left to right: Albert Vernon Ewin, Arthur Howard Ewin,

Iona Mae Ewin, Charles Emerson Ewin

Taken at Corsica, S.D., circa 1909


Children of Mat & Ella Ewin:

Frances Ellen "Nellie" Ewin, b. 08 Nov 1875 (married August Witt); d. 21 Nov 1941 Nellie's Obituary
William Alfred Ewin, b. 08 Jul 1877 (1st marr Neva Pearl Hunt; 2nd marr Lulu May Bassett); d. 19 Aug 1952 W.A.'s Obituary
Mary Effie Ewin, b. 17 Dec 1879 (married Ralph Obermire); d. 11 Oct 1967 Effie's Obituary
Arthur Howard Ewin, b. 03 Jul 1884 (1st marr: Maude Mae Wilhite; 2nd marr: Ora Gertrude Baker nee' Woodworth); d. 15 Nov 1968
Charles Emerson Ewin, b. 22 May 1888 (married Gladys L. Kennedy); d. 12 Aug 1963 WWI Military link
Iona Mae Ewin, b. 21 Jan 1892 (married William Barford Clark); d. 06 Jun 1964 Iona's Obituary
Robert Leroy Ewin, b. 23 Mar 1894; d. 12 May 1894, Seney, IA
Albert Vernon Ewin, b. 09 Apr 1896 (never married); d. 22 Jul 1918 WWI Military link
Anna Ewin, born/died same day 25 Mar 1900, lived only a few hours Anna's Obituary Link


Mat's Girls - Three Daughters, One Granddaughter

left to right:

L-R Ladies Standing: Mary Effie Ewin & Nellie (Mrs. August Witt)

L-R seated: Iona Mae Ewin & her niece, Minnie Mae Witt, standing (daughter of Nellie and August Witt)

Mathew Ewin

b. 20 Jun 1852, Lacon, Illinois

d. 28 Mar 1923, LeMars, Iowa

His Obituary


Ella Howard Ewin

b. 15 Jul 1856, Tonica, Illinois

d. 14 Feb 1915, South Dakota

Her Obituary

Buried at Seney, Iowa - Elgin Township Cemetery




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