Henry Wm. Darville, Jr., Family, Plymouth Co., IA, Photographs donated by Milt Keizer

The parents of Henry Wm. Darville, Jr. were: Henry William Darvill (b. 26 Mar 1823-Penn, Buckinghamshire, England; d. 8 Aug 1900--Fredonia Twp, Plymouth Co., IA) and spouse Ann Carter (b. 2 Aug 1827-Penn, Bucks, England; Married 31 Oct 1846; d. 11 Apr 1895--Fredonia Twp, Plymouth Co., IA)

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Henry William Darville, Jr. (b. 17 Mar 1863-DeKalb Co., Illinois; d 27 Jun 1926, LeMars, Iowa; Spouse: Edith Estelle Coolbaugh (b. 25 Jul 1872-Plymouth County, Iowa; Married 4 Dec 1892; d. 20 Feb 1950--Methodist Hospital, Sioux City, Iowa)


Henry, Edith, Harold Darville and Dick & Ella Zimmerman, 1907

Henry Darville & neighbor, Mr. Doty circa 1907

Leslie Darville, Edith Darville, Edith Walker Horse Buggy photo


In this Darville "Bunch at Home" 1914 shot, my mother is in the second row, center, in a white dress. I'd bet the other gals in white are the rest of "The Darville Girls" who would be the six daughters of Charles and Laura Darville, and Mom's sister, Lila.

Leslie Darville & Ethel Rupe Wedding - March 1917

Gerben Keizer & Amy Darville Wedding 29 Nov 1917


Harold & Opal Darville Wedding - August 11, 1926

LeMars Sentinel, September 7, 1926 LEMARS YOUNG PEOPLE WED Harold Darville and Opal Reid Announce Marriage At Sioux Falls

Announcement was just made last week of the marriage of Harold M. Darville and Miss Opal E. Reid, of LeMars, which occurred at Sioux Falls , South Dakota , August 11. The young people drove to Sioux Falls that day and were married by the Lutheran minister, but did not advise any of their friends of their marriage until three weeks later.

The young man is a son of the late Henry Darville and after March 1, the young people will make their home on his farm northeast of LeMars. His bride is a daughter of Mrs. H.E. Reid, of this city, and graduated from the LeMars high school last spring. Both are popular members of the younger set in this community.

LeMars Sentinel, September 3, 1926 SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Harold Darville and Opal Reid, of LeMars, were married in the first part of August. Harold is well known here and Miss Reid slightly. Congratulations.


A photo of Alyda Marie Keizer (L), teacher Edith Harrington in the center, and Amy Lucille Darville (R), at the girls' 1910 Junior High School graduation. Alyda had striking good looks and was a very smart student.

The "Wedding Anniversary" shot I believe to be the 30th wedding anniversary of Henry William and Edith Estelle Darville, as they are the central characters. Their marriage took place 4 December 1892, and the picture is marked "winter 1922" and, though I believe I see my mother in the back row, and it would also be just past her and Dad's Nov 29, 1917 five-year wedding date, they are not "front and center." (It's possible that my Dad may have taken the picture, as he had a lifelong interest in photography, but I can't state that as a fact.)  

This is a June 26, 1925 snapshot of five young men who, I believe, are related by marriage through the Darville clan.

 Left to Right, are Harold Darville, Wilbur Criswell , Leslie Darville, Wesley Green , and Gerben Keizer. This is the only picture of Wilbur Criswell (who married my Aunt Lila W. Darville) that I have ever seen.


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