Frank Woolworth married Luella "Ella" Bennett

Wedding Photo of Frank & Ella Woolworth -- Married Feb. 24, 1897

Daughter of Frank & Ella -- Viola Marie, as aBaby

Viola, as a Toddler

Frank, Viola, Ella

Frank & Ella with their daughter, Violoa, Christmas 1952

Children of Frank & Ella Woolworth:

Viola Marie Woolworth, 1900-1960 (never married)

Viola Woolworth (at right) with her friend, in Los Angeles, CA

The above photo is of Frank & Ella at the time of one of their wedding anniversaries.

Frank Woolworth with his sister, Kate Luce


Frank Woolworth
b. 21 Apr 1872
d. 19 Aug 1956

His Obituary


Luella "Ella" Bennett Woolworth
b. 03 Dec 1879
d. 28 Jun 1953

Her Obituary

**Family information and photos submitted by family descendant, Colleen Foote & Jean Huggenberger.



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