Charles Williams married Alafretta Savage

...who moved to Plymouth County about 1885 from Cedar Falls, Black Hawk County, IA


Family Identified Left to Right;

Back Row: Bertha Williams (Johnson), Earl Williams, Clara Williams (Lounsbury).

Middle Row: (shortest) Ethel Williams (Christenson); Elsie Williams (McWilliams), Edward Williams.

Front Row: mother Alafretta (Savage) Williams holding Bess Williams (Anderson/Knave); father Charles Williams; Frank Williams.


Children of Charles & Alafretta:

Earl Williams 1884-1973
Clara Williams (Lounsbury)
Bertha Williams (Johnson)
Ethel Williams (Christenson)
Elsie Williams (McWilliams)
Edward Williams
Frank Williams
Bess Williams (Anderson/Knave)
Elhanan Williams d. 1888
John D. Williams d. 1888
Raymond Williams d. 1888


Charles Williams

His Obituary


Alafretta Savage Williams
b. 10 May 1859, Pottstown, Pa.
d. 19 Apr 1935, Morningside, Sioux City, IA

Her Obituary

**Family information and photos submitted by family descendant, Linda McKay


(Both the Savages and Williamses were originally from Pennsylvania.) There were 3 more children: Elhanan, John D, and Raymond, all of whom died in the 1888 diptheria epidemic and are buried in Floyd Cemetery in Sioux City with Charles and Alafaretta and her mother, Sophia Lachman Savage. Alafaretta's brother, Nathaniel Savage, also moved to Plymouth County and lived in Hungerford & Perry Townships till his death in 1938. He is buried in Graceland Park in Sioux City.

My grandfather, Earl Williams, in the back row, farmed in Plymouth County and owned the land where Perry School #3 was located. My grandmother Laura Smith Williams, was a teacher there and that's how they met. She remained on their farm until her death in 1992. ~Family History as told by Linda McKay




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