1925 State Census, Plymouth County, Iowa, Lincoln Twp.

Wetrosky, Joseph, Head, age 47, born Iowa, Father: John Wetrosky born Bohema

Wetrosky, Mary, Wife, age 42, born Iowa; Father: Chris Muensch born Germany; Mother: Josephine Luksan

Children in their 1925 household:

Wetrosky, John, Son, Age 19, Single
Wetrosky, Clarence, Son, Age 18, Single
Wetrosky, Lizzie, Dau, Age 16
Wetrosky, George, Son, Age 14
Wetrosky, Percy, Son, Age 13
Wetrosky, Lydia, Dau, Age 11
Wetrosky, Joseph, Son, Age 10
Wetrosky, Leona, Dau, Age 8
Wetrosky, Loretta, Dau, Age 6
Wetrosky, Luella, Dau, Age 4
Wetrosky, Darlene, Dau, Age 2

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Photograph of Loretta (left) and Luella (right) holding their dolls


Westrosky Confirmation - Trinity Lutheran Church - March 25, 1934

Left to right: Leona, Loretta, Luella, & Joe Wetrosky

Trinity Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, March 25, 1934


Joseph J. Wetrosky
b. 05 Nov 1877, near Hinton, Iowa
d. 13 Nov 1961, farm home near Correctionville, Iowa

Marriage to Miss Mary Munsch, 03 Dec 1904, Adaville, Iowa

Mary Munsch Wetrosky
b. 15 Jun 1883, Liberty township
d. 1950, farm home near Correctionville, Iowa

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Three of their Children


~Picture submitted by Kathy Brookbank, daughter of Leona


Mary Wetrosky pictured with 7 of her children:

Front Row left to right: Loretta, Leona & Joe

Hiding just behind Loretta's head is Luella; the baby is Darlene

Standing in the back left to right: Lydia, the boy is either George or Percy, and mother, Mary

~Above group photograph submitted by granddaughter, Bonnie Mares, with identification help by several of Bonnie's cousins



Back row:  Jean Porch, Donna Lau, Pat Cooper holding, her sister Virginia Cooper,  Noreen Fitzpatrick, Norma Jean Fitzpatrick (holding Carol Wetrosky??)

Front Row ???
Judy Porch, Kay Lau,  Joy Porch, Judy Fitzpatrick, Mary Frances Wetrosky

~Photo submitted by family researcher, Kathy Brookbank


(Above) Mary, Joseph and their son, George Wetrosky


Mary and Joseph Wetrosky Together


Grandpa Wetrosky and possibly, Laurel ?

Mrs. (Joseph) Mary Wetrosky

~Above four photographs on this page submitted by a granddaughter, Kathy Brookbank



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