Rush family, Plymouth Co., IA, photographs donated by Patricia Anderson, Hanley Falls, MN


These are photos of members of the John Rush family of Merrill.

Above photo: Velma Rush was born on 16 AUG 1925. The weather was very hot and her father, John Rush, was a barber. He thought she would be more comfortable with a typical 1925 "flapper" hair cut. Velma was Mrs Joe Delutri of Merrill. She passed away on 8 DEC 2005 at the age of 80 yrs.

Marjorie's class dressed up to be waiters and waitresses on prom night for their upper-classmen. Picture taken outside Merrill High School.

Mrs. John Rush, nee' Jessie Barrington

Date of death, April 12, 1930

link to the Barrington family photos

John Rush and his second wife, Edith....1931


The two men and child with the truck were taking some hogs to market. The man in the "newsboy" cap is John Rush. The child is likely my mother, Marjorie Rush (Flynn).

***The photo submitter, Pat Anderson, writes that the driver of the livestock truck in this picture is Hobart Thompson, who was married to Pat's grandmother's niece.

Velma was about 20 this picture of her and her sister Marjorie was taken. Marjorie was born in Elk Point SD on 12 APR 1918. She was married to Cecil Flynn who grew up in Elgin Twp.,Plymouth Co.,IA and who passed away on 26 OCT 1967. Marjorie moved back to Merrill in 1968 and lived there until her health failed in 2000. She passed away in LeMars on 02 AUG 2002. The Flynns are buried in Granite Falls MN.

Photo of Cecil and Margie (Rush) Flynn taken June 30, 1962, in Doon, Lyon County, IA.

John Rush going to work with his lunchbag. He would carry the days receipts back home with him in the same bag.

Patricia Anderson shares: The photo with the car and the depot in the background has the note "May 28, 1949" on back. I can say from my own memory that this was taken from the door of the Rush Barber Shop. These photos taken in Merrill, Iowa.

The filling station photo (below) I believe was Peduzzi Oil. I don't know the date of that one. I think the men must be the proprietors.



My great-Aunt Ora, a sister of John E Rush of Merrill lived for many years in the Akron area. She was employed in a number of households after the turn of the last century. Among those were her sister Amelia Lamoureux's and the George C Putnam's. This postcard was mailed to Ora at Council Bluffs from Mr. and Mrs. Putnam as an Easter greeting. I was able to take a detail crop out of the original photo which gives a better look at the Putnams. I think the young couple is likely the Putnam's son James and his wife and their baby who was also named George. The James Putnams lived in Union Co. SD. In the 1920's Ora found employment at the M J Spaulding's of Westfield where she stayed for several years. Ora never married. She died on the Fourth of July in 1977. She was buried in Sioux City.

~submitted by Patricia Anderson


Group photo at left was taken by an Akron studio and in the group photo Ora Rush is the lady on the far right. Odd Fellows? Rebekah? I just don't know.

~Can anyone help identify these ladies?


Marjorie Rush Flynn graduated Merrill High School, 1935.

In this first photo she is in the third row and third from the right.

In this second photo Marjorie Rush is in the third row and fourth from the left. None of the other students are identified.


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