Roerig family, Plymouth Co., IA, photographs donated by Anthony Zilly

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1st row - Katherine G. (Roerig) Meis, father/Matthew Roerig, mother/Mary (Ortscheid) Roerig, Elizabeth (Roerig) Salentini.
2nd row - Della R. (Roerig) Weibold, Emma R. (Roerig) Blakeslee
3rd row - Mary (Roerig) Childress, Frank Roerig, Matthew Roerig, Ann Roerig, Barbara R. (Roerig) Kilker
Here's an outline of the family members in the photo and how they're related.  I'm a descendant of Katherine Roerig and Joseph Ignatius Meis. [Click on the underlined link for their wedding photo.]
 2.  Matthew N. Roerig (b1861 IL - d1915)
     m1885-0203 (divorced BET1900+1910) -- Mary Ortscheid (b1860 IL - d1912)
    3.  Katherine Gertrude Roerig (b1888-0330 Galena,IL - d1984-0516 LeMars,IA)
       m1909-0928 LeMars,IA -- Joseph Ignatius Meis (b1882-0304 LeMars,IA - d1951-0912 LeMars,IA)
    3.  Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mary Roerig (b1885-1210 IA - d1974-1200)
         m -- Nicholas Salentini
    3.  Adeline (Della) R. Roerig (b1894-0100 IA - d1948)
         m -- Donald W.Wiebold
    3.  Emma K. Roerig (b1898-0100 IA)
          m -- C.A. Blakeslee
    3.  Mary (Susie) Mame Roerig (b1890-0300 IA)
          m - Roy W. Childress (bABT1890 IA)
    3.  Frank J. Roerig (b1887-0100 IA)
          m -- Alberta Mahoney
    3.  Matthew N. Roerig II  (b1895-0822 IA - d1972-0700)
         m -- Mabel M. Merritt (b1901-0317 - d1989-0519)
    3.  Anna Teresa Roerig (b1891-0227 Marion,Plymouth,IA)
    3.  Barbara (Barbra) L. Roerig (b1893-0305 IA - d1991-0507)
           m -- George Kilker (b1890-0830 IA - d1973-0300)

John Roerig on left and Matt Roerig on right with Kate Roerig in middle.
 2.  John Roerig (b1859-0600 IL)
      m1881-1110 -- Elizabeth Ortscheid (b1859-0800 IL)
John and Elizabeth moved to LeMars in 1910.
 2.  Matthew N. Roerig (b1861 IL - d1915)
     m1885-0203 (divorced BET1900+1910) -- Mary Ortscheid (ORTCHEID) (b1860 IL - d1912)
Matt and Mary moved to LeMars in 1900
 2.  Katherine Gertrude Roerig (bABT1854 IL)
Kate moved to LeMars in 1910


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