Robert Potter & Sarah Daw Potter

Robert Potter was born and grew up in County Kent, England. As a youth and young man he was a hostler (worker with horses.) During this time he married Sarah Daw. One of the jobs for the women was to go “oppin” (that is to pick hops.) While they were in England two children were born: James on January 21, 1854, and Lucy born November 16, 1856.

In 1856 they came to America, land of opportunity, because life was so hard in England. Three more children were born in America: Mary, Thomas and Carrie. They raised a niece, Edith Daw, from infancy. Sarah’s brother, Ambrose Daw, requested this when his wife died. Edith married John Teeslink in Platte, South Dakota.

At first Robert worked on a farm in Kane County, Illinois. They later moved to Plymouth County, Iowa, where they met Leonard and Lucy Lamkins, a family they knew from England.

Robert Potter had a brother, Thomas, who also came to America and became a Methodist minister in southern Wisconsin.

Robert’s oldest son, James Potter, one day walked to Sioux City from near Seney, Iowa (where the farm was located) and carried home a load of trees which he planted on the homestead. They later sold this homestead and bought the Gillespie homestead in Carroll Township, O’Brien County, Iowa, which was located about 6 miles south of Sheldon.

When Sarah Daw Potter died, she left the farm to son, James, in her will with the stipulation that he should pay $50 to each of his sisters and his brother.

~Selected written by Richard Smith via Travis Potter, son of Noma Dott Potter-Smith



Photograph and detail contributed by family descendant
Rosie Struble

Robert and Sarah Potter gravemarkers are both wrong for dates. (See their marker dates below.) The corrected information is: Sarah was born 29 May 1831; she was christened 3 Jul 1831. Sarah was older than Robert, so he could have been born 08 Sep 1831 or 1832. ~Information provided by Rosie Struble

Robert Potter, b. 08 Sep 1829; d. 12 Dec 1918

His Obituary

Sarah Daw Potter, b. 28 May 1829; d. 12 Aug 1900

Her Obituary

This couple is buried in the Seney, Iowa, Elgin Township Cemetery, near their young daughter Nellie I. Potter.

Children of Robert & Sarah Potter:

Infant son, died in infancy in England
James Potter, b. 21 Jan 1854 (married Lucy Haines) d. 30 May 1910
Lucy Potter (married Robert Reeves), b. 16 Nov 1856; d. 27 May 1917, Seney, Iowa
Mary Hanna Potter, b. 09 Sep 1857 (married Nels Porter); d. 26 Jul 1941, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
Thomas William Potter, b. 02 Sep 1858 (married Susie Elizabeth Hensley 04 May 1892); d. 12 Jan 1941, Fayette, Iowa
Caroline "Carrie" Potter, b. 18 Apr 1865 (married John Cheatham and James Sattizan); d. 09 Sep 1942
Nellie I. Potter, b. 03 Jun 1869; d. 20 Sep 1871, buried at Seney, Iowa

Robert & Sarah Potter helped raise two of the children born to Ambrose Daw & his wife Mary Ann:

Ambrose Daw was a brother to Sarah Daw Potter.

Horace Albert Daw, b. 10 Aug 1871 (never married); d. 1959, buried Fairmont, Minn.

Edith Daw b. 17 Nov 1877 (married John Teeslink)



~Source: Information for this page posted by family descendant, Rosie Struble, with other family researchers assisting.




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