Joseph Obermier Sr. married Margaret Pouls Myer

Married in 1859 at Mayville, Wisconsin (2nd marriage for Margaret)


Children of Joseph & Margaret:

Ellen Obermire (Johnson)
Josephine Obermire (Rush)
Joseph Obermire, Jr. 1864-1933 His Obituary
Rosa Anna Obermire, known as: Venerable Sister Anna Joseph, b. 28 Jan 1866; d. 25 Mar 1936 Her Obituary
Martin Obermire 1868-1932 His Obituary
Walburga Obermier (McCloud)
Ralph Obermire 1871-1951 His Obituary
John Obermire
Edith Obermire (McGowen) 1874-1933
Peter Obermire

Children from Margaret's first marriage to John Myer:

John Myer
Mary Myer (Pletsch)
Joseph Myer


Alternate spellings: Obermier / Obermire

Joseph Obermier Sr.
b. 01 Mar 1829
d. 01 Sep 1904, Struble, Iowa

His Obituary


Margaret Pouls Myer Obermier
b. 03 Mar 1834, Regensburg, Germany
d. 19 May 1908, Delmont, S.D.

Her Obituary

**Family information submitted by family researcher, Linda Ewin Ziemann



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