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Christian Munsch -- born December 17, 1846, Prussia Germany; died August 15, 1923

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Married Josephine Luksan, a native of Bohemia, in 1875

Josephine Luksan Munsch -- born March 12, 1853, Bohemia; married at age 22; died May 21, 1930


Children of Christian & Josephine Munsch:

Munsch, Ed; b. 09 May 1877 spouse's first name was Dora; lived in Omaha, Neb
Munsch, John E.; b. 28 Jul 1878, d. 1948 spouse's name was Elsie Willett
Munsch, Helen J.; b. 13 Feb 1880, d. 16 Oct 1894 buried Liberty Twp Cemetery
Munsch, Mary E. ; b. 15 Jun 1882 spouse's name was Joe Wetrosky
Munsch, Minnie; b. 30 Mar 1884, d. 28 Nov 1973 Married Joseph Krier 05 Sep 1905
Munsch, Josephine Katherine; b. 22 Dec 1886, d. 05 Feb 1960 spouse's name was Henry Bauerly Her Obituary
Munsch, Elizabeth "Lizzie"; b. 22 Apr 1888, d. 07 Dec 1959 spouse's name was Edward Barrett
Munsch, Williard "Willie"; b. 20 Oct 1890 spouse's name was Lola Julia Frances Wooley
Munsch, George; b. 25 Apr 1893, d. 19 Jan 1898 died of diptheria
Munsch, Albert B.; b. 30 Mar 1897, d. 01 May 1961 spouse's name was Katherine Kasper

~Family history detail provided from a family group sheet done by Frances Anderson

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Beautiful photograph of daughters - Lizzie, Josie, Mary, Minnie Munsch

Munsch Children Pictured with their Mother, Josephine Munsch

Left to Right, Back Row: Albert, Ed, John, Willie

Front Row: Josie, Minnie, Grandma (Josephine), Mary, Lizzie

~Above group photograph submitted by descendant, Bonnie Mares



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