William Lancaster married Elizabeth Middleton

Married in England--all of their children were born in England, with the exception of the youngest, Edwin.

This couple moved to Seney, Iowa, from Wisconsin when William was 69 years of age in 1876.

Lancaster Brothers (left to right) are: Eddie, William, John & Thomas


Children of William & Elizabeth Lancaster:

Thomas Lancaster, b. 24 Apr 1838; d. 27 Jun 1918 married Mariah "Maria" Cook
Margaret Lancaster, b. 05 Aug 1840; d. 16 Mar 1864 married John Sardeson
William Lancaster Jr., b. 23 Jun 1844; d. 30 Mar 1928 married Margaret Knewstubb
John Lancaster, b Aug 1848; d. 13 May 1936 married Amelia "Millie" Mills
Edwin Marion Lancaster, b. 23 Apr 1852; d. 21 Apr 1930 married Mary Alice Alderson


**Family Note of Interest: Mary Alice (wife of Edwin) had two brothers who married two of the sisters of Mary Alice's sister-in-law, Margaret Knewstubb Lancaster. Confused yet? Mary Alice was sisters-in-law with three sisters in the same family, but from both sides of the family tree.



William Lancaster
b. 16 Jul 1807, Topcliff, England
d. 25 June 1895, Seney, Iowa

His Obituary


Elizabeth Middleton Lancaster
b. 13 Dec 1809, Topcliff, England
d. 14 Dec 1890, Seney, Iowa

Her Obituary




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