William LaBahn Sr. Family

~ Married Louisa Utecht in 1879 in Pomerania...coming to the United States in 1881, after the birth of their first son.

The LaBahn Family History

William Labahn was born in Brandenburg, Germany.  As young lad he served his country in the Franco-Prussian War in the Cavalry.  He took part in the Siege of Paris, returned to Pomerania where he met Louisa Utecht.  In 1879 the young couple was married.  After his service in the Army ended he continued with the trade of cabinet making which was his profession before the Franco-Prussian War.

On August 9, 1880 Mr. & Mrs. Labahn became the parents of a son whom they called William.  The following spring, in 1881, the young couple and their small son came to the United States.  They settled in Brooklyn, New York upon arriving in the new country.  William Labahn followed his trade for a period of nine months, at the end of which time he came to Iowa and settled at Remsen, in Plymouth County.  Approximately a year later the Labahn family moved to LeMars where they build a home of their own and settled down for 5 years.  After working at his trade in LeMars for a period of years he moved to a farm in Plymouth Township, a farm in Stanton Township and back to a farm in Plymouth Township.  By this time he had come to see his way clear to become a landowner and he then bought a farm of Two Hundred and Forty acres in Johnson Township, where he established his home and there he and his wife spent their remaining years.

The years in the United States were bountiful ones for the young Labahn family in both material and spiritual blessings.  They became the parents of ten children here in this country.  William Jr., who was born in Kries County which was known as “Nammer by Yatznick” about 2 hours south of the city of Stettin in Pomerania, the family was complete.  Two other children, Katherine and Theodore passed away in infancy.

Mr. Labahn and his family, after moving to Johnson Township, worked hard to improve and modernize the family homestead.  Upon taking possession of the farm, Mr. Labahn proceeded to erect a new two story house with a full basement.  A barn, thirty-eight by thirty-eight was also built and a complete water system and in other ways improved the place up to standard.

In 1911, William LaBahn died, leaving to mourn his widow and nine children.  Mr. LaBahn was sixty-five years of age at the time of his death.

Mrs. LaBahn, with the help of her family continued to make their home on the farm in Johnson Township, working the land and keeping up with the improvements which were her husband’s dreams until the time of his death.  Mrs. LaBahn passed away on February 9, 1915.  Part of the family had previously married and made home for themselves, but her passing was mourned by the surviving nine children which she had so tenderly cared for.

The children of this fine family were:  William, Elizabeth, Fred, Louis, Frank, Edwin, Clara, Walter and Alfred.

After the death of Mrs. LaBahn, the family home was sold and the family went their own respective ways, keeping in close touch with one another throughout the years to follow.


Children of William Sr. & Louisa Utecht LaBahn

William Jr., b. 1880

Elizabeth, 1883-1931; married Clarence Norton

Fred, 1885-1954

Louis Herman, 1888-1938; married Bessie L. King, 16 Feb 1910

Frank, 1890-1936

Edwin, 1891-1940

Clara; married Fred Attrill

Walter, d. 13 Dec 1936



William LaBahn, Sr.
b. 1849
d. 1910

His Obituary

* * *

Louisa Utecht LaBahn
b. 25 Jun 1859
d. 09 Feb 1915

Her Obituary


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