1st Marriage: Nicholas Kirpes married Katherine Schmitt

Nic Kirpes was born at St. Donatus, Iowa, in 1862. Katherine, born in 1872, was the daughter of Peter and Anna Schmitt. She and Nic Kirpes were married in 1886.They settled on a farm near Remsen and were members of St. Mary’s parish.  Their children all received their training at St. Mary’s and all of them were married in St. Mary’s Church.

Katherine died in 1910. Nic married Catherine (Heidesch) Lanners (Mrs. Martin Lanners) on November 29, 1912. Catherine had six children from her previous marriage. One daughter, Ruth, was born to Nic and Catherine. Ruth married Joe Crowley in St. Mary’s Church. After their marriage they lived on a farm near Slayton, Minnesota.


Left to Right: (circa 1900)

Older Couple Back Row: Peter & Anna Schmitt (parents of Mrs. Katherine Kirpes)

Middle Row: Katherine Kirpes, Peter Kirpes, Anna Kirpes, Nicholas Kirpes

Front Row: Baby held by Katherine is Elnora Kirpes & Margaret Kirpes, seated in her little chair

1893 -- Peter & Anna Kirpes (Children of Nicholas and Katherine Kirpes)

1908 -- Miss Anna Kirpes


Back Row: Anna (Kirpes) Deitermann

Left to Right: Margaret, Liz, Elnora

Children of Nicholas & Katherine Kirpes -- 1910

Children Nic and Katherine:

Anna Kirpes, married Henry Deitermann
Margaret Kirpes, married Fred Raetz
Peter Kirpes, died as young man in the early 1920s after returning home from WWI
Elnora "Norie" Kirpes, married Joseph Deitermann
Elizabeth Kirpes, married Nic Penning


2nd Marriage: Nicholas Kirpes married Catherine Heidesch Lanners, formerly Mrs. Martin Lanners

(Married to Nic Kirpes 29 Nov 1912)

Children of Nic & Catherine( Lanners):

Ruth Kirpes, married Joe Crowley


Nicholas Kirpes
b. 15 Aug 1862
d. 05 Aug 1941

His Obituary


Katherine Kirpes (first wife)
b. 1872
d. 17 Jun 1908

Her Obituary




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