Letter written by Abraham G. King to his niece's granddaughter, Feb. 1967
***Despite the vague name and sketchy postal address, the letter did arrive at the Bell Telephone office and department where Linda worked. Amazing and what a surprise for Linda, her mother Irene and grandmother Ferne.  Linda never met Uncle Abe personally but did begin a correspondence with him which lasted until Abe’s death in September 1971.


Dear Linda ?,
Letter from Ferne Tindall to-day. Telling much about Stanley King’s family, in LeMars (Iowa). And also a strange given name, Irene! Not forgetting, Linda, who works in Bell Telephone office in Sioux City.

Other names, not mentioned. One important. Most important, I should say, is Linda will be 19 on February 8, 1967.  Congratulations, Linda.

I will be 85, on this same day. I am Ferne’s oldest Uncle, at this time. Brother to Ferne’s father, the late Warren J. King.  I am Abraham G. King. Still living are Vernon King, Bessie Labahn and Evah Brodie, which is one brother, two sisters from the King family of eleven.

I am thrilled with knowledge of a relative born on my birth date, February 8th. Only last year at this time did Ferne greet me with this message: “Exactly 84 years, Uncle Abe, since you first learned Columbus discovered America!”  Sometimes I think she is almost as funny as a hole in a parachute! Not as funny but almost as phony!

I hope she heard on T.V. last night, Sunday, 9 p.m. PST, the Smother’s Brothers debut on CBS. Ed Sullivan introducing and showing, The Brothers-Mother-and Grandmother.  Went like this:  Smothers Brothers-Mothers-Mother!  You say it! I stutter.

Bye Linda-
I hope you get this note.
From-Abe King.
89 – So. 3rd St.
San Jose, California
Weather real nice today. Thankyou.

***Following is how the above hand-written letter was addressed and mailed:

Linda !
c/o Bell Telephone Office
9th and Douglas
Sioux City,  Iowa  
Long Distance Operator!

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