Emil Jahn married Emma Wildman

on March 12, 1932

Wedding Photo of Emil & Emma Jahn

~Photograph of this couple was provided to Bonnie Mares by the couple's daughter, Dona Hicks.


WWI Soldier photograph of Emil Jahn

Link to WWI Soldier Page for Emil


Photograph of his bride-to-be, Miss Emma Wildman

Such a neat photo below of Emma - submitted by her daughter, Dona

Emil Jahn, as a young man.

A Fabulous Photo--Emil Jahn, young man in the back seat

The other group members are identified as follows:

Frenchie Beucher is the young man seated in the front seat.

Emil Jahn, young man in the back seat .

Vera Kowalke Petersen is the young woman seated in the front seat, holding the steering wheel.

One of the other 3 ladies in the car is Clara Krause Lang. But it is unknown as yet which woman is Clara Krause Lang.

HELP from anyone seeing this photo with identification is much appreciated!

Special thanks to a granddaughter of Vera Kowalke Petersen for her assistance in identifying Vera!

Young Children of Emil & Emma

Jack & Dona Jahn

Jack Jahn



Jack Jahn at Westmar Prom

Jack Jahn -- 1952


~These photos shared by their daughter, Dona (Jahn) Hicks



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