Fred Alton Foote married Ruby Elvira Woolworth, 28 Jan 1939

Fred A. Foote married Miss Ruby E. Woolworth on January 28, 1939, Elk Point, S.D.

Ruby & Fred A. Foote

Ruby & Fred Foote with their children, Patsy, Joan & Freddie--Aug 1944

Ruby holding her newborn daughter, Colleen

Mother's Day 2000 Family Gathering with Mother, Ruby E. Woolworth Foote


Front Row
L-R  Brett Requelme, Leslie Dugger (dau of Jeannie & Eddie Dugger, holding son Jose Espinoza(4y), Kathy Foote (wife of  Fred M. Foote) holding Brook Slagle (granddaughter of Clark & Terry Foote), Clark Foote(Son), Candace Foote (16y, dau of Clark & Terry Foote), Ruby E. Foote (82yr), Dillon Foote(14y, son of Clark & Terry Foote), Fred M. Foote (Son)

Back row
L-R  Standing-Scott Fullmer holding his son Maxwell Fullmer (3y), Niko Fullmer(7y), Sharee Foote (dau of Clark & Terry Foote), Zachory Ashbrook (9y ) , Terry Foote (Wife of Clark Foote) behind Terry is Eddie Dugger (brother to Terry & husband of Jeannie Foote), next to Eddie is his daughter Shartelle Fears (mother to Zachory & Kaden),  next to Terry is Jeannie Dugger(Dau), in front of Jeannie is her grandson
Kaden (7y).

Children down in front
L-R. Justin Bunn (6yr) & Steven Norrod (6y, grandsons of Connie Foote)(Dau)

Taken at Connie’s home Riverside, CA

Ruby pictured with Clyde & Hollis Savage


Children of Fred A. & Ruby E. Foote:

Fred Merrill Foote
Joan Carol Foote Starlings
Colleen Ann Foote
Connie Sue Foote Clark
Jimmie Duane Foote
Jeannie Elaine Foote Dugger
Robert "Clark" Foote
Patricia Lee Foote Berge

Fred Alton Foote
b. 10 Feb 1918, Sioux City, IA
d. 23 Nov 1986, Corona, CA

His Obituary Link


Ruby--1945 photo

Ruby Elvira Woolworth Foote
b. 19 Oct 1917, James, Iowa
d. 30 May 2002, Riverside, California

Her Obituary Link

**Family information and photos submitted by family descendant, Colleen Foote




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