William "Bill" Falke aka "Sonny" married Kathryn Charlotte Hanna

Bill Falke "Sonny" photographed with his daughters, taken in 1946, shortly before he passed away.


Sonny & his wife, Kathryn, had two daughters.

The ladies in this 1970-1971 photograph (left to right) are:

Sue Falke Schmith -- "Lizzie" Elisa Holck, 2nd wife of Henry Frederick Falke -- Kathryn Hanna Falke, wife of Sonny


William Henry "Sonny" Falke
b. 03 Apr 1912, Remsen, Iowa
d. 26 Aug 1946

His Obituary


Kathryn Charlotte Hanna
b. 1911
d. 1997

Her Obituary




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