Ambrose & Mary Ann Daw Family

Children of Ambrose & Mary Ann:

Mary Ann Daw b. abt 1865; d. 18 Apr 1868

Mary Ann Daw/Memorial Card: In Affectionate Remembrance of, Who Died at Snodland (England), April 18th, 1868, Aged three years.

Harriet Emily Daw, b. 10 Jun 1869 (married Harry C. Keck), d. 1912, buried Fairmont, Minn.
Horace Albert Daw, b. 10 Aug 1871 (never married); d. 04 Feb 1959, buried Fairmont, Minn.
Sarah Ann Daw, b. circa 1873 (married John Major Cheatham); d. 12 Feb 1955, Spokane, Washington
Edythe Daw, b. 17 Nov 1877 (married John Teeslink)

Ambrose Daw's wife died when their youngest child was only nine days old. Ambrose apparently called on the help of friends and family to care for and raise his four young children.

Daughter Harriet was placed in the Smith and Potter homes in Sheldon, Iowa, until she was adopted by the Richard Varnum family. The Varnums lived in LeMars, Iowa. and later moved to Centerville, South Dakota.

Son, Horace Albert, was apparently taken in by the Nelson Porter family. Later Albert is said to have been raised by Robert & Sarah Potter. Sarah Potter was a sister to Ambrose Daw. In the 1880 Federal Census both the son, Horace Albert & youngest daughter, Edythe, are living with the Robert Potter household in Sheldon, Iowa.

Daughter, Sarah Ann Daw, was found living with the couple, Eddie & Mary Alice (Alderson) Lancaster in the 1880 Federal Census and the 1885 Iowa State Census. Eddie & Mary Alice Lancaster farmed and raised their family near Seney, Iowa, Plymouth County.

Youngest daughter, Edythe, who was nine days old when her mother died, was given to Robert & Sarah Potter to care for.

This researcher has found the following old news articles that provide some explanation as to how Ambrose's life played out after the death of his young wife.

Iowa Liberal, January 9, 1878

TERRIBLE ACCIDENT.—Last Saturday evening a team belonging to Mr. Daw of Sioux county, was killed by the cars. From reports we glean the following:

That Mr. Daw and Robert Reeves were driving along the road about three miles
east of town. They came to a cut through which the cars run, and this they
were obliged to cross. The roads being hard and rough, the wagon made a
great noise, and it was not until the cars were in sight and almost upon
them, that the danger was seen. An effort was made to back the team but
without avail; the engine struck the horses, killing both, demolishing the
wagon, but not injuring the occupants. Mr. Daw has had bad luck of late;
it’s only a few weeks since he lost his wife.

Iowa Liberal, LeMars, Iowa, April 30, 1879

ABDUCTION CASE:--Some months since Nelson Porter adopted a six year old son of Ambrose Daw, whose wife died about a year ago. Daw is now living in O’Brien county, and recently it came to his ears that the Porters were
abusing his child. Last week Daw came down, interviewed the Porters,
endeavoring to get his child away, but without success. A day or two later
Daw got possession of his child and gave notice that he intended to keep it,
whereupon a warrant was sworn out and on Friday he was brought to Justice
Manahan to answer to the charge of abduction. The evidence produced was of
such a character that Justice Manahan dismissed the case, giving the custody
of the child to its natural father. Parties living in the vicinity of the
Porters declare the unfortunate child could not long have lived, enduring
the punishments to which he was subjected by the adopted parents.

Waterloo Courier, May 14, 1879

~Nelson Porter, living near LeMars, has been for some time abusing a six year old child of Ambrose Daw, of O'Brien County, which was adopted by Porter. Daw came to hear of it and kidnapped the little one, and the courts refused justly to have it returned.



Ambrose Daw
b. 20 Jan 1840, England
d. 24 May 1894, Sheldon, Iowa

His Obituary

1st Marriage to Ann Eavis on 26 Dec 1864, in England

Mary Ann Eaves Daw
b. 18 Mar 1840, England
d. 28 Nov 1877, Sioux County Iowa

Her Obituary

2nd Marriage to Eleanor Jane "Ella" Davis on 05 Aug 1883

William Daw, Son born to Ambrose Daw and his 2nd wife, Ella

Eleanor Jane "Ella" Davis Daw

d. 21 Mar 1938


~Information on this page has been gathered and submitted by several researchers, Mary Keck, Viv Reeves, Rosie Struble, Linda Ziemann


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