James Morrell Crouch & Fronia Reynolds

1st Marriage, June 1878, to Miss Flora Lathrop. Flora died three months later.

2nd Marriage, April 1882 to Miss Fronia Reynolds

Name of the restaurant unknown--it is known, however, that Fronia is running the establishment.

At left is Effie Amelia Crouch, center is James Stuart Crouch, and on the right is their mother, Fronia. It also appears that there is a dog sitting on a stool, begging from Fronia.


Above two photos are of Fronia Crouch--at right she is holding baby, James "Stuart" Crouch


Children of James M. & Fronia Crouch:

Robert M. Crouch; b. 15 Nov 1882; d. 15 Dec 1912 His Obituary
Baby Crouch; d. 18 Jan 1884
Albert Crouch
Mrs. Will Reynolds
James Stuart Crouch; b. 30 Aug 1893; d. 07 Apr 1973 His Obituary

Left photo: Baby picture of James Stuart Crouch

Right photo: James Stuart Crouch, young man

Link to the 50th Wedding Anniversary for James Stuart & his wife, Barbara

John Crouch
Joseph Crouch
Ettie Crouch, married Robert Lent
Howard Russell Crouch; b. 03 Feb 1891; d. 15 Dec 1912 His Obituary

Howard R. Crouch, pictured in his wheelchair on his birthday

Tena Leah Crouch; b. 18 Jun 1903; d. 31 Aug 1903


James Morrill Crouch on the left, two men in middle unidentified, James "Stuart" Crouch at right

James M. Crouch and his son, James "Stuart" Crouch -- 1913

James M. Crouch, holding a string of fish


James M. Crouch
b. 19 Jun 1858, Potosi, Wisconsin
d. 15 Aug 1913, Hinton, Iowa

His Obituary


Fronia "Grandma Crouch"


Fronia May Reynolds Crouch
b. 24 Jan 1863, Victoria, Illinois
d. 30 Oct 1939, Sioux City, Iowa

Her Obituary

**Family information and photos submitted by family descendant, Bob Jacoby



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