Lindley Ray Chapman & Alice Amelia Grier

~Photos for this page provided by family researcher, Lee Chapman Hughes.

Married December 21, 1915 - Methodist Episcopal Church, Kingsley, Iowa

Children of Lindley Ray & Alice Amelia:

Lewis Ray b. 11 Nov 1916 d. 19 Jan 1979, San Diego, CA

Children: Bruce & Dwayne

Robert Alva b.09 Jul 1918 (alt date: 23 Jul 1918) Kingsley IA; d.28 Jul 1960, Richmond CA

Buried:  Sunset View Cemetery, Albany, CA
                        Married:  Bertha (Bertie) (of Swiss descent)

                        A member of the accounting department of Standard Oil Company, Richmond, CA and member of the Religious Science of Mind of San Francisco.
                        No children.

Adrian David b. 15 Apr 1920, Kingsley IA; d.22 Sep 2002, Walnut Creek, CA

Married:  Mary Jean Jennings, 12-28-1940, San Rafael, CA      Children:  Lee Ann and Dean Gary

Ray Thomas b. 1924; d.

Married:            Mary Alice
                        Children: Janet & Jean  and Jay                   

                        Married:            Fran

Lindley Ray Chapman

b. 14 Mar 1881 New Sharon, Mahaska County IA

**Note: (The actual year of birth is in question, it could be 1883.  The old records were only kept for periods of time and not specific years.  Death certificate says 1883.  Ade recalls his parents being 7 years apart in age.)

Lindley (“Chappy”) was raised in Oskaloosa, Iowa.  He and his twin brother, Alva, were farmed out to C.F. Madden of Williams, Iowa, as young teens.  (This was a common practice on rural farming communities when parents couldn’t afford to raise all their children.  Oftentimes, this occurred following the death of one parent.)  Lindley is a graduate of Morningside College (6-11-1906) having majored in Chemistry, History and Political Science.  He was an accomplished track star.  He became a teacher and school principal in Kingsley but couldn’t make enough money to support his family, and then worked as a stationary engineer at Seymour Laundry, Sioux City.  He was about to board a troop ship in New York at the time of armistice thus he did not serve in WWI.

Son of David Ora Chapman and Mary Coulson.

d. 23 Jul 1930, Sioux City IA

**Note: Drowned at Strand’s Beach, Brown’s Lake, Sioux City, Iowa (News article at the time indicates he got tangled in moss.  Ade recalls his father grabbing his chest.  All the sons were with him that day at the beach.)

His Burial Location: Buried in Graceland Cemetery, Sioux City, Iowa 
                                    Burial space 586, Lot No. 30 E. ½ Laurel Section

* * *

Alice Amelia Grier
b. 3 May 1888, Kingsley, Iowa
d. 28 Oct 1977, Alameda, California

Notes: Inurnment in Chapel of the Chimes, Hayward, California
                      Niche:  Chapel of Devotion – North, Tier 8, #3D

Alice graduated from Cedar Falls Teachers College and taught in Sioux City Community Public School System from 1934 – 1952.  Her top salary was $4000 per school year. Alice & Lindley met at Kingsley school where he was a teacher and principal and she, a teacher.  They moved to Sioux City in 1921.

Comment:  Ade says, “It was not NICE for a married mother to work.”  She stopped around the marriage date and resumed following Lindley’s death.  As there was no income during the summer, the boys were usually farmed out to relatives with farms.  Still, there was a perceived prejudice against she and the boys within the neighborhood.  Dad mentioned once that folks just seemed to think she should be able to make ends meet without working.  So, he tried harder and harder to bring home as much as possible to help the household function.

~Family History Notes Contributor, Lee Chapman Hughes




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