Children & Spouses of Charles J. Johnson & Mary C. Oake Johnson

My name is Joan Miller Richardson and I was born in San Patricio County Texas.  John and Ellen Obermire are my Great-Grandparents.  This picture was given to me by my cousin Daryl Fromme, the Great-Grandson of Joseph and Anna Johnson.

There is a migration connection between Plymouth County, Iowa and San Patricio County, Texas.  In September, 1910 citizens from Plymouth Co. participated in the “International Land Seekers Procession”  in San Patricio County.  During the 19teens and 1920’s participants began to settle in the West Sinton Community of San Patricio County.  This included John and Anna Johnson and six of the adult children of John and Ellen Johnson.  These were early settlers in the West Sinton Community.

Joan Miller Richardson
Elgin, Texas


Those pictured by couple are left to right:

  1. Joseph P. Johnson and Anna Marie Rasted Johnson
  2. Albert H. Johnson and Joan Fleming Douglas Johnson
  3. Helena Johnson Heeren and John Heeren
  4. John Johnson and Ellen Obermire Johnson
  5. Andrew Johnson and Seraldia E. Bixler Johnson






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