Gottlieb Berner married Chatharina Bubeck

~alt spelling: Katharina Bubeck Berner



Children of Gottlieb & Chatharina:

Louise Charlotte Berner; b. 09 Apr 1862, d. 09 Jun 1925; marr George Washington Zimmerman
Jacob F. Berner; b. 01 Oct 1860, d. 09 Aug 1952; marr Christina Schindel
Gottlieb E. Berner, b. 12 Mar 1866; marr Ida Knapp
William F. Berner; marr Hannah Burbank
Mary Berner; marr Henry H. Schindel on 29 Mar 1893
Daniel Berner; marr Matilda Dillbert
Christian E. Berner; b. 1863, d. 1897; marr Catherine B. Hoffman on 12 Mar 1889



Gottlieb Berner
b. 04 Jun 1831
d. 18 Feb 1893

His Obituary


Chatharina Bubeck Berner
b. 17 Apr 1827
d. Dec 1892

Her Obituary

**Family information provided by family descendant,Wendell Zimmerman



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