August Klemme & Minnie Buehre Klemme


August Klemme lived near Crete, Illinois, and Minnie Buehre lived near Dyer, Indiana. They were married on Thanksgiving Day in 1885. They came to Preston township, Plymouth County, Iowa, to live on a farm August had purchasesd from the railroad for $7.50. August and Minnie were the parents of four children. A fifth child died at birth. ~Source: Our Life 1882-1982 Akron, Iowa, p. 319


Children of August & Minnie Klemme:

Edwin Klemme, 1886-1933
Harry Klemme, 1888-1983
Alfred Klemme, 1894-1969
Louise "Lulu" Klemme, b. 1897; died age 12 years
Herbert Klemme, died at birth


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August Klemme
b. 27 Apr 1857
d. 13 Feb 1940

His Obituary


Minnie Buehre Klemme
b. 23 Jul 1865
d. 16 May 1945

Her Obituary




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