J. J. Aalfs & Anna Wetrosky Aalfs

Married January 18, 1891

The Aalfs family immigrated to the United States from Holland when J. J. was a lad of 12. The family moved to the LeMars, Iowa, area where J. J. met Anna Wetrosky. They were married in 1891 in Plymouth County, Iowa. They farmed east of Akron until 1905, when they moved to South Dakota and engaged in farming there.

In 1903 Jake attended an auction and the regular auctioneer was not there. Jake was a rather vocal individual and some of his cronies suggested he be the auctioneer that day. He did and loved to tell the tale that he sold one cow twice. That was the beginning of his auctioneering days, and was very successful. He was the principal auctioneer in the area.

Jake also raised cattle and farmed during that time and retired in 1945. He resided at Boysen Apartments until his death in 1952.

~Source: Our Life 1882-1982 Akron, Iowa, p.130


Children of Jake & Anna Aalfs:

John Aalfs, married Mae Halvorsen
Clarence Aalfs, married Ida Boden
Edna Aalfs, married Don Trindle
Clifford Aalfs, married Merle Bailey
Lester Aalfs, married Martha ?

J. J. Aalfs
b. 18 Jan 1871, Holland
d. 17 Jun 1952, Akron, IA

His Obituary


Anna Wetrosky Aalfs
b. 17 Jul 1871, Austria
d. 10 Aug 1943, Akron, IA

Her Obituary




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