LeMars, Dabbs Photography


LeMars Sentinel
August 21, 1903


The date of the nineteenth of August marks an epoch in the career of
R.I. Dabb, the jolly and popular LeMars photographer, and although he is
still a young man he can look back over two decades with a sense of
satisfaction and see a successful accomplishment of things he set out to
do in his early youth.  On August 19, 1883, Mr. Dabb engaged in the
photographic business in this city in the studio which he still
occupies.  Since that time he has built up a business second to none in
the northwest and acquired a reputation as an artist of the first rank.
During his long residence here Mr. Dabb has gained the friendship and
esteem of the majority of the residents of Plymouth county and LeMars,
and they look upon him as one of themselves.  If a family group is to be
portrayed around the old homestead, Dabb is the man, then with his
paraphernalia he journeys to the farm and takes an artistic picture and
enjoys a visit with the folks at one and the same time.  If a bride and
groom want a picture and of course they always do, Dabb is the man.
There is hardly a member of a graduating class for the past twenty years
that has not a group in which she or he figures and it is dollars to
doughnuts that "Bob" Dabb was the artist of the highly prized picture
and when it comes to depicting the beautiful grace and lively limbs of
the babies, Dabb has the most of them beat a mile, and many a mother
looks with pride on the beautiful representation of her darling's
charms.  With age as with tender youth, Mr. Dabb has a master hand.  His
portraits of the aged mother or rugged pioneer are faithful in detail
and speaking in their lineament.  That Mr. Dabb will continue twice
twenty years in his profession and delight thousands of people with his
skill and artistic feeling is the sincere wish of his many friends.

LeMars Sentinel, May 6, 1910


Pioneer Photographer Dies After Long Illness

Robert I. Dabb, one of the best known men in LeMars and widely acquainted throughout Plymouth and neighboring counties, succumbed to illness caused by Bright's disease on Wednesday afternoon shortly after four o'clock. Expressions of regret when the news of his death became known were heard on every hand. Mr. Dabb had been in poor health for several months, but had recovered sufficiently to be out on the streets again. About two weeks ago while up town on a raw windy day he contracted a cold and this induced a relapse and aggravated his disease and for several days prior to the end he had been sinking gradually, eliminating hopes of recovery.

Robert I. Dabb was born forty eight years ago at Elizabeth, New Jersey. When a young man he went to Platteville, Wis., and subsequently to Plattsmouth, Neb., where his parents and a sister still reside. He learned and followed the trade of blacksmith in his early youth. Twenty-six years ago he with a brother, James B. Dabb, located in LeMars and opened a photograph studio. For over a quarter of a century he conducted a gallery in this city in the same location. Last summer he sold out to J. P. Gaspar with the intention of locating on land in South Dakota to enjoy outdoor life and recuperate his health which had been failing. His aspirations were never realized. He was attacked by the insidious hand of disease and laid low in suffering and his plans for future years frustrated by a higher power.

He leaves to mourn his loss a wife and two children, John Dabb of Hutchinson, Minn. , and Eunice who lives at home, his aged parents and a sister and brother and a niece, Mrs. H.E. Butler of Hutchinson, Minn., who was brought up in the family as one of his own children.

All the relatives have been notified of his death and are expected here to attend the funeral. Mr. Dabb was a member of the Odd Fellows, Elks and M.W.A. lodges and representatives of those orders will attend the funeral which will be held this afternoon at the residence on Cedar street .

Mr. Dabb was a popular citizen. He made a success of his chosen avocation in life and there are few households in Plymouth county which do not contain specimens of his artistic work. He was much esteemed in a wide circle of friends, who will miss him in the daily walks and associations of every day life.


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