LeMars Sentinel, October 10, 1890
The management of the opera house in Le Mars has been very fortunate
recently, in its selection of good talent for the lovers of opera and
amusements. If our people appreciate a good opera house and good
entertainments of that character they should come out and encourage it.
The plays on Saturday night and also on Monday night are far better than
can usually be secured in so small a town. They both go to larger
places and play to much larger audiences than can usually be obtained
here. On Saturday the play will be one of those weird productions
arranged from the pen of H. Rider Haggard. It will be grand and
thrilling. The play on Monday evening will delight either young or
grown people who are fond of the theatre. It is arranged with a view to
scenic effect but is one of those home-like pieces wherein the leading
character, Miss Redpath, steps right into the hearts of the audiences
and carries them with her through the play.
This clever little artists and her company of comedians will present
"The Fireman's Ward" for the first time in Le Mars on Monday evening,
October 13. Miss Redpath is one of the very popular young ladies from
A.M. Palmer's company and although this is her first westward starring
tour, she has been greeted by large and enthusiastic audiences
throughout Iowa, especially in DesMoines where she played a two night
engagement at the Grand opera house. The press of DesMoines were very
liberal in their praise of both star and company. The play will be
produced here with all the scenery, mechanical effects, tank of real
water, row boats, sail yacht, etc., used on week stands in cities as the
stage here is large enough to give it a splendid showing.


Dalton Opera House in LeMars

Located on Sixth Street, downtown LeMars, Iowa

The Opera House is the building in the center of the above photograph.

Link to a 1911 Inside View of the Dalton Opera House

Another view of the Opera House

Years later--The building that housed the Dalton Opera House

This photo was published in the local newspaper in the 1960s.