By Anton J. Sartori

Los Angeles 4, Cal.

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LeMars Globe-Post, Thursday, June 23, 1949

Once years ago, as I write, we were on our way to LeMars for a visit in the old home.  And leading up to that happy day had been many months of pleasant anticipation.  During years lived there, the month of June was always the one enjoyed the most.  I still hold there is nothing quite like June in Iowa.  And so – of the four trips made since coming to California, all have been in that delightful month.


Nor was my enthusiasm dampened by unfavorable weather of last year.  It rained, and rained, and then rained some more.  In our one week there, you had as much rains as fell in Southern California during the whole year.  And weather conditions both going and coming were nothing to brag about.  On the road, we had both rain and intense heat throughout the 2000 mile trip.  And also, doing the trip hurriedly to keep within time allowed,  leaves one travel weary and unable to fully partake of the good things there.


Longings for the old home and scenes of my youth have never quite left me.  By this, however, I do not mean that I would consider a move back—a move that would have me there as a permanent resident again.  Ties that bound me to the place of my birth were not easily broken when we decided to take up residence on the west coast.  But we lived through all that and have grown fond of California.  Given the choice now of all one or the other, I regret I would have to give the nod to our present abode.


Pleasant reading was the nosegay handed the LeMars band by Editor Kieffer in his Remsen Bell-Enterprise.  Mr. Kieffer is of the opinion our band is not only a credit to LeMars, but to all of Plymouth County, as well.  My sincere thanks to Editor Kieffer for his kindly thought and to tell him that I join in wholeheartedly when he says, “Nothing that LeMars can do to maintain this group can be too much.”


LeMars is fortunate in having Ira F. Vail as its band director.  As a band and orchestra man of sorts in my younger days.  I was a member of a number of musical organizations and know something of work done by directors.  I have known some good ones, and some not so good.  A visit to the band room during a rehearsal while on one of our trips home satisfied me that Mr. Vail rates among the best.


It may be a far cry from music to parking meters, but I have the urge to mention that Los Angeles has at long last decided to go into the parking meter business.  For a trial order, L. A.’s city council has authorized installation of 1325 meters along Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood, and along Van Nuys Boulevard in Van Nuys.  This would be something like LeMars going into the same business by installing parking meters along main streets of Orange City and Alton.