1941 - LeMars Co. K, 133rd Infantry, Iowa National Guard

LeMars Sentinel
Friday, February 13, 1948

February 10th  -- 7th Anniversary of LeMars Company K Mobilization

Seven years ago this week 89 men were mustered into federal military service in LeMars with Co. K of the 133rd Infantry, Iowa National Guard.

February 27 they were sent to Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, for training.  There they remained until the outbreak of war in December and shortly thereafter were sent to Ireland—with the first troops to Europe.

Through the course of the war, the company saw action in North Africa and was in the long Italian campaign.  Twelve of the men were killed in action or died as a result of their service.

Several others have died since their return from Army service.

Those who died in service are:
Joseph Boyle, Robert Burns, John Kempker, Walter Kettler, Jack Rousch, Herman Stoos, Robert Vanderwal, Tony Bamberg, all of LeMars;

Ronald Carey, Sioux City;

Earl Cornish, Kingsley;

Glenn Collins, Marcus;

Bert Kroon, Sioux Center.

The first life in the company to be lost was that of Glenn Collins, who died of pneumonia in Louisiana. 

Ronald Carey was the first to die in combat when he was killed by a shell burst in North Africa.

Those who went away with the unit were:

Matthew A. Levins
J. V. Conway
Ronald Carley
Milton Gralapp
Harvey Locer
Lowell Betsworth
Joseph Boyle
Robert Burns
Kenneth Hoffman
Robert Kass
Fidelis Koob
LeRoy Treinen
Raymond Bailey 
Tony Bamberg
Edward Boyle
Francis Condon
George DeVall
Jack Rickabaugh
Robert Vanderwal
Albert Wiltgen
Clarence Boyle
William Huckle
William Hunter
Eugene Keihn
Joseph Kenny
John Kindig
Billy Lamb
Marvin Mai
George Martfeld
Marlin McDougall
Silas Ritz
Michael Schmidt
Harold Scott
Merlin Singer
Lewis Treinen
Vincent Wilberding
Wayne Albert
Carl Bierman
Albert Bodnar
Glenn Collins
Earl Cornish
Dwight Dahmes
Merland Delperdang
Henry DeYoung
Alvin Dicken
Mahlong Dicken

Clifford Dominick
Philip Dominick
Ambrose Forkenbrock
Herbert Forkenbrock
R. S. Gillespie
Melvin Gramke
Cyril Groetken
Robert Hathaway
Joseph Horkey
John Kemper
Robert Kemper
Walter Kettler
Lawrence Klave
Robert Knowles
Bert Kroon
Richard Lund
Ralph Muhm
Arnold Nall
Bernard Nolan
Joseph Plathe
John Rousch
Walter Scott
Wyman Sharp
Roger Steers
Jerome Stoos
Clifford Strohbehn
Donald Traufler
Gerrit VanDenBerg
Theodore VanDenBerg
John Wilmes
Fred Young
Wilmer Ballantyne
Ronald Carey
Harold Drier
Cecil Dunn
Delmar Dunn
James Hardacre
Kenneth Larsen
Herman Stoos
Raymond Tacke
John Trobaugh
George Case
Raymond McNamara
Jay Robertson
Ralph Kellen
Roman Hazel.

NOTE: **There are 92 individuals named above, who served from PLYMOUTH Co. ~News article and names transcribed and posted by L. Ziemann




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