Spanish-American War/Conflict

Co. M, 52nd Inf.

Wilmes, Peter 1876-1943

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LeMars Globe
June 29, 1898

Plymouth County Men Becoming Soldiers in a Rapid Manner.

The scenes taking place in LeMars the last few days brings vividly home the
stern realities of war and though each heart pulsates with the utmost
patriotism, the farewells are said in sadness and the tears come unbidden as
each one clasps the hand of the departing friend or relative and bids him
Godspeed on his mission.

Members of the Mower Post G. A. R. marched to the depot on Monday morning to
bid farewell to the young men who had answered their country’s call and give
them encouragement and advice which had been gained to them by years of
experience on the battle field. At the head of the body of veterans the
stars and stripes were unfurled and as the June sun kissed the precious
folds in glad welcome to the young men who but recently swore to protect it
with their lives in any land and in any climate, the ringing cheers of the
volunteers was taken up by the veterans and re-echoed through the crowd.

As the train moved away from the station, the volunteers gave three rousing
cheers for Iowa and all about the station joined until the train disappeared
from view. The boys who went on Monday morning were John Connolly, Henry
Mammen, Geo. Mann, M. C. McMann, G. Scott, M. Schmitz, Wm. Eberhart, Dave
Langhout, Robert Adams, M. Schmidt, Reimer Busch.

Peter Wilmes, Frank McElhaney and Wm. Schumacher left on Saturday evening
and Tom Cox left on Tuesday morning and they are now well on their way
toward their first camping ground.

LeMars Globe
September 10, 1898

Peter Wilmes, company M, 52nd Iowa, came in from Camp McKinley on Friday
evening and had to be assisted to his home near the depot, he was in such a
weak condition on his arrival.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
November 3, 1898


The Plymouth County contingent of soldiers, members of the Fifty-second Iowa
volunteers, returned home Monday morning on a special train arrived at 3:30,
which conveyed companies H, L, and M from Des Moines. They are home this
time to stay and resume their avocations as private citizens, after having
responded to the call of their country and faithfully performed the duties
which they were called upon to undertake after enlisting. Those who returned
this morning were John Connolly, Peter Wilmes, Henry Mammen, Jos. Mohan, W.
McGillvray, L. McGillvray, A. K. Shoup, W. Kennedy, Gus Forbes, Chas. Burns
Jr, of LeMars; Henry Brandt, of Struble; Dave Langhout, H. Eberhardt, A. K.
Shoup, Merrill; Clarence Moore and H. Ewing (sic William A. Ewin), of Seney.

Of several of the boys seen, they all agreed that if Uncle Sam needed their
services again, they would be willing to step right up to the front and
their only regret was that they never had a chance to go into action.

The LeMars boys on the whole have no complaint to make and in contradiction
to reports have nothing to say in disparagement of their officers and all
speak in highest terms of Colonel Humphrey, the head of the regiment.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
May 30, 1902

Peter Wilmes, who has been in Cuba for some time with the second infantry United States army, is expected home this week for an extended visit.  His three years service has expired.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 17, 1902

Peter Vissar (sic Visser) and Peter Wilmes, who have been in the United
States army for the past three years, returned home on Saturday. They were
members of the second artillery and have been stationed at Havana for some
time. They enjoyed army life and say they have been immensely benefitted by
the experiences they have gone through.